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I am not a professional Writer.I just love poetry.
I am in medical field of profession - a Registered Nurse working in Emergency Room in one of the hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Thank you to all who visit and read my compositions. To those who bought my compositions in the form of paper books, e book, nookbook by Barnes and Noble and kindle book by Amazon.com and other book stores all over the world.

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Eyan Desir 25 November 2009

The older the wine the sweeter the juice... Keep getting better it's a pleasure to read you work...

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HI, thanks for the comments about my poem entitled A man as I am, i have read ur poems and it is full of thoughts and wisdom, thanks.. KABABAYAN, im also a nurse here in the Philippines.

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Shashendra Amalshan 27 July 2009

Hello my dear sir! ! ! ! ! I made comments on most of my friends... Sir i remember like yesterday when you send me mail about your desire to be a good poet.. I think you v develop your self in to fine poet indeed.. When i last visited you... i was sort of amazed by how much you v developed yourself as a poet.. you know sir most poets are gifted.. but you are a poet who develop your skill.. And that s why i admire you most. If any one deserved to be praised in this site.. it is you... wish you all the best....write more.. and i m sure you ll reach great heights! ! ! ! with lots of love shan

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Halana Williams 17 November 2009

hmmm if you use vaiations of other words in this poem it would be more effective. But a good read all the same

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Fragments Of Light And Love 22 October 2011

im so proud to receive words from you....its an honor indeed to be given time by people like you, a good and learned man and most especially my fellow...tnx for your comments....how i wish to good as you are...

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big daddy69 02 May 2019

a yo i like dat weird poem about the step mother and machine gun... no cap

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Prabir Gayen 30 March 2019

A beautiful poet with rare gift of God.... May God Bless You.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 March 2019

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Ency Bearis born in Philippines and resides in USA as, 'Faithful Spirit.' This title of honour is offered to him due to his long time perseverance and valuable contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as Faithful Spirit Ency Bearis. We hope, all poets visitors and people will like this.

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Diane Montemayor 24 December 2016

Dear Sir, Mabuhay po kayo...Great thoughts... Sincerely, diane

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 November 2011

Sir Ency, the world is happy to read your works you are a versatile poet... ..We are waiting for your new works... hope to read more new poems from you soon...

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The Best Poem Of Ency Bearis

' Ay Naku Mahirap Umibig Sa Binibining Taga Albay ' (With English Translation)

(This is a composition in Pilipino Language the first one I did, the only one, and hope some of the Filipinos will get this funny poem in this site. The poem is updated with English translation)

Noong taong otsenta dekada
Ako'y may nakilala dito sa Amerika
Babaeng mestisa, nakakabighani
Kaakit - akit, napakagandang binibini
Ang mata ko'y lumuwa
Tulo laway pati ng aking kaluluwa
Sa suot nyang 'short ' na napakaiksi
Mala porselanang kutis ng binti
Sa mapula pulang labi
At mala rosang pisngi
Ang kaluluwa ko'y natangay
Sa kagandahan nyang taglay

Napakasarap nyang kausap
Masasabi kong kalasaplasap
Isang binibining matalino
Sabi nya Tatay daw nya ay Amerikano
Nanay daw nya ay taga Albay, Bicol
Sabi ko sa sarili ' she might be cool '
Laki raw siya sa Albay hanggang kinse anyos
Nakakaintindi ng Tagalog, sabi ko di ayos

Nagkaramdaman sa madaling sabi
Tinugunan ang aking mungkahi
Kaya naman puso koy nagalak
Kaluluwa ko sa tuwa ay pumalakpak

Sa aming unang ' date '
Kaagad, sa akin siya nakadikit
Nagpasyal kami sa shopping mall
Unang tindahan ' first call '
' Can you buy me this? ' magarang damit
Binili ko, maganda kasi siyang mag damit
May nagustuhan ulit, siyang pumili, sige bili
Gastos, di ko iindahin, sabi ko sa aking sarili

Lumipas ang isang linggo
Nag date ulit kami - bagong ligo
Amoy na amoy ang bango n'ya
Di ako nakatiis, hinalikan ko siya

Di umimik, tingin lang sa aking mga mata
At nag-usap na lang kami sa mata sa mata
Sumunod, ' imagine ' na lang, di ayos
Maski pasaring lang, tinikman ang luto ng Diyos

Tuloy tuloy ang ' date '
Nagpasyal, shopping mall ulit
Gintong kwentas, kursunada ' Can you buy me that? '
Nakita ko, presyo medyo mabigat-bigat
Pero binili ko dahil 'love ' ko siya
Maski na mabigat sa aking bulsa

Lumipas ang panahon
Kada ' date' ay langing ganoon
Kada pasyal, palaging may binibili
Magandang gamit, mamahalin palagi
Kagandahan nya nga, ay ka gusto gusto
Sabi ko sa sarili ko, kung palagi na lang ganito
' Buy me this and buy me that '
Sa bulsa ko naman ay napakabigat
' I'll buy you that and I'll buy you this '
Ay naku di ko na ata matitiis
Mahirap palang umibig sa binibining taga Albay
Kailangan umatras, 'and say goodbye'
Mahal mo nga siya
Pero butas naman ang bulsa!

Ency Bearis/ 6/17/10


English Translation:

Tittle: Ay, It's So Hard To Love A Girl From Albay

'twas in the year of eighty's decade
I met a girl here in America
A mestiza girl, so lovely
A winsome girl, such a beauty

My eyes in amorous manner with her
Even my soul salivated
For she wears a short, short pants
And her legs are the like of porcelain skin
She has the lovely red lips
With the rosy cheeks
And my soul was taken
For her heavenly beauty

She was nice to talk with
I can say a very charming, captivating
Such so intellegent, smart girl
She said her father is an American
And her mother was from the Province of Albay, Bicol
And in my mind, she might be cool
She grows up in Albay 'til 15 years of age
She understand ' Tagalog ' so I said; then its nice

At the middle of conversation
We likely got into each other opinion, and emotion
So I said; I like her - in a whisper
She said; she like me too - a whisper too
My heart was so joyful
Even my soul clapped being happy

So we arranged a date - in our first date
We went to shopping mall
At the first store - first call
Can you buy me this? a nice dress
I bought it, for she wears elegantly
She selected another one, I bought it
I didn't mind and spent the money for her

One week had passed by
We went for another date - she was fresh from shower
Oh my, she had this captivating fragrance
Unexpectedly, I kissed her
She did not complain at all
Next scenario - just imagine - and it was okay
We tasted the best menu of God - the s**

We continuously gone for a date
She love to shop - so shopping mall again
She wants the 24 karat gold chain - Can you buy me that?
I saw the price it was so expensive
But I bought it, because I love her
Even it was so pricey to my pocket

As the time passed by
Every date we go on, its always like that
Everytime I had to buy her something
Always the expensive items
She's beautiful, smart, winsome
But if it will always be like that
Buy me this and buy me that
So hard to my budget
The - I'll buy you that, I'll buy you this
I can't afford, can't tolerate it no more please
Ay, its so hard to love a girl from Albay
I need to back out and say goodbye
I love her so much - but forget it
I am always out of money, ruins my pocket

Note: Albay - (pronounced as I'll buy) - a province from Philippines, Bicol Region.

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19 November 2014

If you're determined to succeed - just remember - success is sealed in a can it can't be bought but must be in your thought for if you can - you can

24 November 2014

The distinction of one person's character can be illustrated by this word: Attitude.

15 March 2015

One way to be in good attitude is with sincere, heartfelt gratitude Ency Bearis

25 March 2015

Passion and satisfaction can be achieved favorably with the endeavor of a team in good loop of communication. Ency Bearis

18 June 2015

You cannot please every soul in this world, but when you say 'please' to every favor you requested, they might be pleased with your politeness. Ency Bearis

15 July 2017

Better to be humble you'll find yourself in the bubble of peace with anybody an ideal nobility

15 October 2017

If you want to be my friend act as a friend, we will be in a good blend But if you want only to pretend It won't rhyme, sorry it will come to an end Ency Bearis

09 November 2017

I never thought of love but when you came to my thoughts love taught me how to love you ~Ency Bearis

07 July 2018

Silence is the mutual friend of the soul that blends to conscience to repose

07 July 2018

Poverty drives someone be like migrant birds be a refugee to the greener pastures

24 March 2019

Words and action of yours, you need to be careful. For when you stumble upon something, not right by others, of what you speak and manners they may consider you as an annoying person.

24 March 2019

A world without women is a world in bad omen. For it jeopardizes world's future being without those great mother who carries the womb of the future in doom.

24 March 2019

This world would be a better place if we learn how to live in harmony with peace of mind that gonna be and not to wonder 'What if? '

01 May 2019

sometimes don't let your heart make the decision, let your mind speak and take that crucial part think, though you've a kind heart behind

15 August 2019

When an obsession in your mind, it gets into an obligation

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