Jeff Law

1.Winter Night

In the cold and dark I see your light
With you in my vision I feel no fright
With you I can see clearly, you are my clear sight
In the cold and dark of this winter night

Nothing moves in the death of the trees
But with you in front of me I fall to my knees
I ask you a question, answer it please
If you love me, you'll know the answer, you'll tell me with ease

A lifetime of joy, a lifetime of pleasure
You’re better than gold your my buried treasure
Your kiss is my cross that’s marked on my map
I’m the fly to your spider; I’m caught in your trap

To lose you is pain; to miss you it hurts
To not have your kiss or your smell on my shirts
To not hear your laugh, my heart starts to crack
To miss you babe hurts it’s as simple as that

Loneliness takes hold as my heart starts to ache
Sadness rocks my world as my body starts to shake
I hold to your body as my mind starts to quake
But our bond that we share, I hope it won’t break

A ring that will bind us, and keep us as one
A ring that will hold us until our time has come
This ring is a symbol; the love is so true
This ring gives us meaning, with those words I do.

So on this cold and darkening night
I sit on my own, hold myself tight
But I know that I have you, you’re the left to my right
You bring me such happiness, you bring me delight

The frost of the snow it tingles my cheeks
The cold of the wind it rustles my sheets
The breeze of the night, the bedroom door creaks
The sound of my heart, it thumps as I sleep

It beats for your beauty; it beats all night long
But it doesn’t just beat for a note or a song
It beats for the tune that plays in my head
It beats for my tears, when I miss you they shed

That’s why we must embrace our love, even when times are hard
That’s why we must never let hurt affect us, stay true to your guard
We both are a team and we'll share the same thing
We'll both have a finger and on it that ring.

I wish you could hold me on this winter night XxxX

Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 10, 2009
Poem Edited: Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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