(13) They Had To Retreat Poem by J.B. LeBuert

(13) They Had To Retreat

Rating: 2.8

The war between the miners and Shewolves went on.
Both sides raged on, determined the other be gone.
The three Shewolves were hunted, and sought refuge now.
They loved their homeland, and hated now to kowtow.

It was serious times and death was not denied.
Fortunate for the pack they knew where to best hide.
Their den was hidden where no humans would follow.
The hunters were posted and searched every hollow.

The small band of Shewolves was outnumbered by day.
At night the humans went to a small fort to stay.
It seemed for a while that a real truce had been reached.
Both sides were tired, and neither defense was breached.

The miners were taking the gold dust by the ton.
At night they retreated to the fort for some fun.
Their numbers grew daily and so did the small fort.
It seemed that they could now hunt the Shewolves for sport.

The spring days brought the rain and the days grew warmer.
The village now hired a feisty performer.
She would become their best link to the Shewolf clan.
She worshipped the sun, and desired a great tan.

The lotions she used would draw and haunt the wolf clan.
They could smell attractive scents all over the land.
She would walk through the forests without a worry,
Never looking about, never in a hurry.

The villagers warned and begged her to stay away.
They feared the Shewolves and never ventured to play.
The Shewolves didn't want to defeat or kill her.
They loved her scents, wanted to rub it on their fur.

This could be their demise or a simple way out.
Only time would tell if she could change the devout.
Their fear of the unknown ruled the village today.
She might become a friend to the wolves in a way.

They became closer as the weather grew colder.
She knew that they stalked her, but she became bolder.
She brought bits of raw meat to draw them in closer.
But they didn't want the food or a free grocer.

The wolves grew wary because others did follow.
They could read the thoughts of the men in the hollow.
They hid with their guns and wanted to be discreet.
The Shewolves knew it was time, They Had to Retreat.

The thirteenth poem of the twenty poem Shewolf Saga. Each line of each poem contains twelve syllables and the title is the last words of each of the uniquely formatted poems.
J.B. LeBuert

J.B. LeBuert

Kenmore, New York
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