Mister Greater

14-Year Old Boy - Poem by Mister Greater

The other night while "just resting my eyes",
I awoke to the sound of an NBA basketball game on TV,
Right then and there I dreamt up this poem.
I hadn't decided what it about yet but felt it needed to be voiced.

I can`t tell you how many times I have "just rested my eyes",
On the couch to the strangely soothing sound of the NBA TV announcers,
And I felt like because they had been such a substantial part of my not so long life,
That maybe I should know their names.
I dug deep in the archives of my memory,
But to no revelation did their simple identities come.
I felt like their voices were more familiar than the ringing of my ears,
But I did not know who they were.

After my thoughts did what they wanted,
I decided to believe that because I could do whatever I felt like,
The voices buried deep in my dreams,
Were familiar to the rest of the fourteen-year old kids sleeping on their couch,
I also decided that all the fourteen year old kids,
Had the same thoughts that I was having sometime in their simple short existences,

The difference between me and the other fourteen-year old kids,
Was I didn't decide to figure out who the pleasant voiced people were.
I felt the voices were better left unknown.
I asked my Dad who the announcers were,
And he quickly rattled off a list of names that still hasn't stuck in my head,
The names went one-by-one in one ear and out the other.
My Dad was one of the kids who decided he needed to know who the announcers were,
But I don't want to know it is ok for me, I believe,
To go either way,
To choose either choice because that is what the world is.
It is a beautiful place full of different people,
With different beliefs and different opinions,
And the beautiful thing is no two people are the same,
And that is the way it is supposed to be.

The most important thing I need to say is I still don't know,
The announcers' names,
And that's the way I like it,
And that's the way it`s going to stay.

By Xole

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I woke up listening to the basket ball game and wrote this poem while half asleep.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 13, 2012

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