Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

15. In Celestial Wings - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

You are my peace and solace,
I know, I am, yours too;
While sky falls over head,
Ground gapes ‘neath feet
And inner light fades in shocks of life,
A mere flash of your thoughts
Enlivens my tired soul
And fills me with light, peace and solace,
A giant in new world, I become,
I rise to divine heights in celestial wings.

How I desire to reciprocate
To fill you with light and inner strength
To soothe the ruffled wings
And raise you to divine heights;
But, alas, all is in vain!
Layers of tall barriers stand
And stop signals passing across
And isolated we stand on opposite worlds;
How I reach to wipe away your tears
And fill you with light and inner strength?

Barriers or no barriers, I must cross over
And hold you in arms, light up your soul,
Fill you with strength from my inner core,
Wipe away your tears with my quivering lips
And infuse my warmth all over your height
To see you in spasms burst out in pure joy
To relegate distresses to constant oblivion;
How I yearn to instill hope and confidence in you
That, barriers or no barriers, we never part
And we shall wait, till time comes right.

Time in cycles mangled me too
And I remain not what I was before,
Older and worn-out in life’s constant pulls,
Feeble and uncertain of myself now;
But, the flame in my soul always seeks you,
Yearns to reach out and give you solace;
You transcend my limits, transcend my soul,
I forget my distress in your thoughts
And discover my peace in your joy,
For, I’m mere image of you, my beloved.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Thursday, October 31, 2013

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