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4eva - Poem by Miss Thang

One thing I absolutely need you to understand.
Is that you are a beautiful and amazing man.
You have the ability to see my heart and feel my pain.
And because of you my life will never been the same.
Although I know you won't say a word.
I know some part of you is scared to be hurt.
You have up your defenses and don't know how to let go.
But, I'm here for you and I need you to know.
That no matter what, no matter when.
I'm here for you... As your wife and your friend.
I might get upset, and I might shed some tears.
But, hon, no matter what, I'll be right here.
There's nothing you can do to make me leave.
And that's something I need you to believe.
Some part of you expects to be let down.
And expects me to quit and not stick around.
You're waiting for the day that I say, 'This is too much'
And you wait for the day that I say, 'I've had enough'
my love, on January 1st when you gave me this ring
I made a vow to be faithful and patient through everything.
Not just the good, and days filled with sun.
And not just days that are wonderful and fun.
When you're hurt and you're mad, upset or afraid.
Just remember what I promised in the vows that we made.
I won't leave you and I won't change my mind.
I'll be standing patiently right by your side.
And that's what I intend to do no matter what.
Even when things get hard or things get rough.
I promise you that every day for the rest of my life.
I'll be right here trying to be the perfect wife.
So, baby, you can feel safe to let down that wall.
And know that there's nothing to fear, nothing at all.
I won't take you for granted and I'm not out to hurt you.
And I won't walk away no matter what we go through.
I'm here to appreciate and unconditionally love you.
And know that I understand because sometime I'm scared too.
God set us apart for each other above everyone else.
For richer or poorer through sickness and health.
And the love I give you is pure straight from my soul.
I hope in time, my love will allow you to let go.
I hope it opens that door with the key you threw away.
And you'll finally know that my love isn't just for today.
I love you my husband more than I can ever express.
And I promise you that our love will pass the test.
With Passing grades and flying colors.
A love more perfect than any other.
So from today to forever for the rest of our lives...
my husband I love you more than our daughter loves pie.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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