Miss Thang

Why I Love Your Son - Poem by Miss Thang

I love him because he loved me enough to let me go.
He loved me enough to allow me to grow.
I love him because he first loved me
He wasn’t selfish; he let me leave.
I love him because he saw me how I wish I were
I love him because he saw through the pain and the hurt
He saw the woman I wanted to become.
He knew from the beginning I was the one.
He loved me without question, without limits or rules
He allowed me room to do what I needed to do.
I know he loves me because he told me the truth
As uncomfortable as it was, he did what I asked him to.
He wants to be the one to set me free
To show me what love is meant to be.
He holds me when I’m sad, wipes my tears when I cry
But allowed me the opportunity to say goodbye.
He let me take care of me and help me heal
That’s how I know his love is real.
I asked him to do the one thing that was hardest for him.
I asked him to watch me leave him until my process was done.
He didn’t object as much as I know he wanted to,
He said, “Baby, I understand, you gotta do you”
If actions speak louder than words, he screams “I love you! ”,
I know the realness and honesty is something new.
I can’t explain how much alike we are.
I swear it must have been written in the stars.
I am him, and he is me, we’re one in the same.
That’s why your son wants to give me his last name.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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