Jeff Rushton

50 States In Fifty States - Poem by Jeff Rushton

The journey begins with all forms of transportation, for all speeds and conditions that will persist and exist.
You will travel as far as able with no destination but the desire to see and experience everything within a nation.
Your means are determined by the location and situation with which you find your self in and at the time of needed transportation.
Your journey begins from within the state you reside.
It is from here that you will travel north, south, east, or west in destination for nowhere, but everywhere... somewhere to rest.
You travel through Washington, in the middle of a rainstorm.
Through Oregon you journey along the beautiful but treacherous coast.
California is long and covers many moods, but in the end it is so beautiful.
Idaho, you see potatoes, and Craters Of The Moon, beautiful unless winter, which always comes too soon.
Nevada is next, the deserts are so plain, gambling keeps your mind off of the mundane.
Utah's mountains are a sight to see, tough to travel through but worth the scenery.
Arizona dries you out, unless you’re north away from the drought.
The west-coast is only the beginning, a foreshadowing of what will come in your sojourning.
You see the mountains, and the plains, you journey through forests, fields and rains.
This is only the beginning to greater feats yet pending.
You can travel on, in hopes of dreams that can be fulfilled, or rest yourself and retire at will.
You can travel on to see the hills, the plains, the swamps and the oceans reigns, or you can end your journey having seen enough to fulfill your lives dreams.

There is no problem with this route, it just ends and that is your way out.
For those that continue, come vast amounts of precious venues.
They shall see the political places, the capitols of business, the arts, music, and races. They will find the different paths it takes to make your journey a success.
They will see the many options and scenes that make up this journey we continually believe.
They will learn the ins and outs that make it tough, yet in the end they will be greater and more capable to handle the rough.
This journey takes place now, and until the end.
For this journey is
LIFE from start to end.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, September 1, 2008

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