Funom Makama

A Battle Of Resistance, Will And Compromise - Poem by Funom Makama

Here I am, standing all alone
feeling so isolated, depressed and lonely.
The serenity around me is void of Life and Hope
and vacuum occupied both sides of me.
All these condemned me to the feeling of uncertainty.

I just walked on without making a decision,
and what I see in front is different from my behind
like two distinct worlds but having one motive
one rejecting me and the other embracing me by all means.

The one in front was totally enveloped by total darkness
and I was so blind to the point I cannot see myself.
All I felt was doom and extinction
and this feeling grew stronger the more I stare.

Full of fear I turned back to the other world.
The elements of Nature were in weird exhibition.
The Dark-red Sun, emitting melting fire,
and space coloured in a Purple-Orange mixture.

Brown Rocks gushed out Silvery water,
Large and bottomless Pot Holes as wide as Nations existed
and filled the Earth as though the aftermath of the end of age.

Different questions and scenarios flooded my mind
my complex feelings, combined by all negatives,
helplessness and hopelessness already weighing me down
and worst of all guilt was making me want to explode.

I focused more, down one hole
and was raged on a girl been raped,
felt intense shame
as Divorced Parents neglected their innocent Kids
sympathy overtook my being as children die of Poverty.
Not taking this anymore, I searched for a better alternative.

The second Pit showed no sign of peace,
I felt humiliated at the killings and wars,
the slavery to Drinking disgusted me,
the sexual adventure with Animals insulted me
and the rampant dirty Politics embarrassed me.
Of course! This is also not a place to be.

My mind is now made up to turn back to darkness
as I did, an endless Bridge appeared.
I walked through it with ease and Pleasure
and a force behind me ensured I never turned back.
With my destination unknown, I resisted strongly,
then I realized the Bridge was closing up from behind.

This definitely indicates a Journey never to return
and seems to be the road to my slaughter.
A conspiracy from the two worlds to bring me here.
With my maximum resistant force, I ran back
and just at the end point of its closure,
I jumped swiftly with my eyes closing in reflex.

Opening it, I found myself lying in a Room,
very weak and in white clothing
surrounded by heavy equipment and electronic gadgets
and disturbed by computerized simulated sounds.
Even with a blurred sight, I tried to figure out where I am
then I noticed a woman in white as she screams 'She is alive! '

I was in the Hospital and then My professor told me of a patient who was in Coma for 2 weeks, but is back alive. I visited this patient and ask how it was like to be in coma. Then she said 'It is like a battle between two worlds, Life and Death, coming back or forging ahead, and what makes it so difficult for me was the total darkness surrounding me'.. Trying to assimilate this statement prompted an inspiration for this poem.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 14, 2012

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