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Inspiration - Poem by Henry David Thoreau

Whate'er we leave to God, God does,
And blesses us;
The work we choose should be our own,
God leaves alone.

If with light head erect I sing,
Though all the Muses lend their force,
From my poor love of anything,
The verse is weak and shallow as its source.

But if with bended neck I grope
Listening behind me for my wit,
With faith superior to hope,
More anxious to keep back than forward it;

Making my soul accomplice there
Unto the flame my heart hath lit,
Then will the verse forever wear--
Time cannot bend the line which God hath writ.

Always the general show of things
Floats in review before my mind,
And such true love and reverence brings,
That sometimes I forget that I am blind.

But now there comes unsought, unseen,
Some clear divine electuary,
And I, who had but sensual been,
Grow sensible, and as God is, am wary.

I hearing get, who had but ears,
And sight, who had but eyes before,
I moments live, who lived but years,
And truth discern, who knew but learning's lore.

I hear beyond the range of sound,
I see beyond the range of sight,
New earths and skies and seas around,
And in my day the sun doth pale his light.

A clear and ancient harmony
Pierces my soul through all its din,
As through its utmost melody--
Farther behind than they, farther within.

More swift its bolt than lightning is,
Its voice than thunder is more loud,
It doth expand my privacies
To all, and leave me single in the crowd.

It speaks with such authority,
With so serene and lofty tone,
That idle Time runs gadding by,
And leaves me with Eternity alone.

Now chiefly is my natal hour,
And only now my prime of life;
Of manhood's strength it is the flower,
'Tis peace's end and war's beginning strife.

It comes in summer's broadest noon,
By a grey wall or some chance place,
Unseasoning Time, insulting June,
And vexing day with its presuming face.

Such fragrance round my couch it makes,
More rich than are Arabian drugs,
That my soul scents its life and wakes
The body up beneath its perfumed rugs.

Such is the Muse, the heavenly maid,
The star that guides our mortal course,
Which shows where life's true kernel's laid,
Its wheat's fine flour, and its undying force.

She with one breath attunes the spheres,
And also my poor human heart,
With one impulse propels the years
Around, and gives my throbbing pulse its start.

I will not doubt for evermore,
Nor falter from a steadfast faith,
For thought the system be turned o'er,
God takes not back the word which once He saith.

I will not doubt the love untold
Which not my worth nor want has bought,
Which wooed me young, and woos me old,
And to this evening hath me brought.

My memory I'll educate
To know the one historic truth,
Remembering to the latest date
The only true and sole immortal youth.

Be but thy inspiration given,
No matter through what danger sought,
I'll fathom hell or climb to heaven,
And yet esteem that cheap which love has bought.

Fame cannot tempt the bard
Who's famous with his God,
Nor laurel him reward
Who has his Maker's nod.

Comments about Inspiration by Henry David Thoreau

  • Ratnakar Mandlik 5/7/2017 10:39:00 PM

    Fame cannot tempt the bard
    Who is famous with his God.
    Nor laurel him reward
    who has his master's nod.
    Great and superb, imagery as also the faith in Him and His majesty.

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  • Kuda Bondamakara 5/7/2017 1:49:00 PM

    a poem that inspres us Reply

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  • Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 5/7/2017 11:54:00 AM

    An inspiring poem!
    Love and faith is the most fundamental aspect of spirituality.
    To recognise God's love and bask in the glory of His love is truly divine.
    Enjoyed reading Thoreau's great poem on Inspiration. To quote:
    I will not doubt the love untold
    Which not my worth nor want has bought,
    Which wooed me young, and woos me old,
    And to this evening hath me brought.

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  • Glen Kappy 5/7/2017 8:04:00 AM

    i didn't know this poem before and am glad to be introduced to it. and though i'm a fan of brevity, i read it through. (and noticed in the fifth stanza from the bottom it looks like the word should be though not thought.)

    i'm glad to see thoreau's recognition that all good and perfect gifts (in this case, inspired words) come from above, the Father of lights...

    similar in respects thematically to this poem are my by or through and e.e. cummings sonnet that begins i thank you God for most this amazing day.

    whether we recognize it or not, and whether we call it the muse or another name, God is the source of the best that comes through us, yes?


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  • Tony Hoss 5/7/2017 6:06:00 AM

    the words just flow amazing... Reply

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  • Edward Kofi Louis 5/7/2017 1:28:00 AM

    Its presuming face! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us. Reply

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  • Bernard F. Asuncion 5/7/2017 12:10:00 AM

    I see beyond the reach of sight.... thanks for posting..... Reply

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  • Clarence Prince 7/7/2016 3:49:00 PM

    I will not doubt for evermore
    Nor falter from a steadfast faith
    Well said, Henry, stand firm!

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  • Rajnish Manga 12/27/2014 11:09:00 PM

    One of my favorite classical poets since my childhood. It is always a great pleasure to read poems. This is extra-ordinary one, full of righteousness. Reply

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  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 4/18/2014 9:41:00 AM

    Surrendering to the god and the god given capability is a good example of total surrender to the allmighty and the poet selected the theme in its correct spirit and very good to recite and study and also understand in positive way. Reply

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