Melissa Hennessy

A Bell: Forwarned

Everything's safe and sound,

so why don't you shut those soft lids and slither off to a once drifting-

ever lifting land.

Lay with me under uncovered, bright balls of gas;

never pass at a chance to reveal the world your inner desires.

Brush back my fears,

it's here where the water divides.

In time, will I be the one that you love?

From what we saw, it may never get this way.

Clarity is calling for reason-the seasons rise along, ever strong;

I'm sure I'd never remember it after all.

And crystallized eyes and finger tips rip at my soul,

and pigments go dark and cold,

rotting away and breaking into decay,

wasting valued time for the last hours creep up your back.

You lack spine, yet you seem ever so brave.

This grave is swallowed by the depths of the Earth,

consuming life itself

and reaching up for help.

I feed your body at the mouth of the cleft,

it's stomach churns to destroy your being.

Would they remember you if I didn't say it in stone?

Do you believe they would visit you if I didn't carve your life on the place where you rest?

I drive my stride

to graze the hearts of the diseased.

I dream of the day

when I see your face,

screaming in agony.

Tragedy has won it's battle, sung by the warrior's sword;

I swore this would be the last time.

I try to uncover the sheets of the guilty past-times,

but your lack of concern could be heard through my stereo,

and I'd rather not waste my breath.

If all's well, end's well, they why should this hurt so bad?

I guess today's the day it all comes crashing down, lashing at the ogle of the beholder.

The air is calling my name,

a wave,

a complaint that never slows down.

I can't bear the sound,

screeching from the sun.

Will I face the beast who feeds on my bones?

Alone, alone, I drown alone!

The ocean waits for me, tying up my hands and feet

to be tossed at sea, in the tides to my final resting place.

This wake will break over my soul and never will I float,

for these paper wings and these heavy soles will only sink me under.

I wonder what they will say at the end of the day;

I pray no one comes looking for me.

My lips will burn from the core of my inflictions

and past my intentions,

down the gallows I put myself under.

The floor... so cold with rotten-once living things-

I bring a sense of certainty that this is where I'm meant to be.

The sky is no more my companion,

a broken promise I never spoke in the first place.

Obliterate me from your dreams; I seem to be growing closer to the end.

My bath is drawn, from the time I slip in to the last breath I give;

my head is hung from a noose and I lose my sense of wonder.

Plunging and purging away a fake, a mistake,

I created this!

And that's when I break from the chains and slip off to a everlastingly slumber....

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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