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A Blue Of Little Brain

Rating: 4.6

Poor Rommy is dumb.
He's also blue - a Russian Blue.
A dumb blue, I s'pose you'd call him.
(It took him three months
to work out the cat flap)

He's also beautiful,
beautiful and idle,
idle and aristocratic,
aristocratic and really dumb

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Sandra Fowler 15 October 2007

Pure enchantment. Beautiful and contented. Who could ask for anything more.? The people that he owns will do his thinking for him. Perhaps, Rommy is not so dumb after all. We should all be so lucky. I loved this one, Alison. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Marvin Brato 15 October 2007

I have a pet cat too, I named him Garfield just like the Classic Cat Garfield! Thanks, top mark.

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Diane Violet 13 October 2007

A wonderful cat-tale Allie, I love it! Hugs, Diane

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Raveendran . 12 October 2007

Blue, shimmering feline archangel Romenov - Koshka Silver Romenov.

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Purr-fect.... :) t x

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Meggie Gultiano 23 October 2007

Lovely write, Ali..Enjoyed reading this love and hugs, Meggie

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Jerry Hughes 19 October 2007

I read this to Rommy, he was grievously offended and sulking ever since. Poor Rom...

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R H 17 October 2007

I love this cat! Another fine portrait here Allie, purrrfectly orchestrated and delivered with such warmth and affection. Justine x

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David Harris 16 October 2007

Allie, I wonder if I purred loud enough would I get fed and watered too? (Smiling) Rommy is no dumb cat, just a very crafty one. He obviously knows when he's on a good thing. I found this a lovely enchanting poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Original Unknown Girl 15 October 2007

Beautifully descriptive..... I love the sound of your pedigree blue pudster! He sounds adorable... thanks for bringing him to life! HG: -) xx

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