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Water Picture

Rating: 3.1

In the pond in the park
all things are doubled:
Long buildings hang and
wriggle gently. Chimneys
are bent legs bouncing
on clouds below. A flag
wags like a fishhook
down there in the sky.

The arched stone bridge

is an eye, with underlid
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Leslie Audes 04 December 2009

Swenson is definitely a poet for lovers of imagery: of which i'm one!

8 4 Reply
dissatified exmember 09 January 2005

hehehehe you describe that scene so very well. How true your words are

9 2 Reply
Kevin Patrick 10 November 2012

So rich and imaginative one visual image transformed into this work of stellar work, the imagery is just bursting life and clarity. Deserves a higher rating then it currently has

6 4 Reply
Patricia Grantham 10 November 2014

This poem is really magnificent in its entirety. Staring into the water makes everything topsy turvy. A distorted image but an image nonetheless. A glorious write.

5 5 Reply

An inverted view of life That only a poet can paint so well looking at placid waters images in a dance so swell I welcome all ye poets reading this to my page too

5 3 Reply
Mrgetrekt 04 December 2018

I hate it I dont like it

1 4 Reply
Sanjay 20 February 2018

A verry nice poem

2 1 Reply
dhruvita bhungaliya 17 February 2018

Ye poem musical ma hai kaya

0 1 Reply
Suzy Marebra 02 February 2018

A very pleasant poem.

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Douglas Scotney 02 February 2018

metaphor is doubling and more

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