A Cat Poem by Edward Thomas

A Cat

Rating: 2.8

She had a name among the children;
But no one loved though someone owned
Her, locked her out of doors at bedtime
And had her kittens duly drowned.

In Spring, nevertheless, this cat
Ate blackbirds, thrushes, nightingales,
And birds of bright voice and plume and flight,
As well as scraps from neighbours’ pails.

I loathed and hated her for this;
One speckle on a thrush’s breast
Was worth a million such; and yet
She lived long, till God gave her rest.

paper doll 19 August 2005

I like it-the way the resilience of this cat is shown. leaves a bittersweet realisation tingling in my heart

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Eunice 16 May 2018

Add a comment.nice poem

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Kendall''s 06 January 2018

my family bosses me I don't like it but they keep dowing it to me my sister and brother fite all the time

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Brian Eccles 14 June 2010

This poem has haunted me since I was 13 years old. As a cat lover (and a bird lover) I identified with the poet, the cat and the birds all at once. Beautiful work. My cats have bells on their collars - very few successful bird hunts! B

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Greg Hutchinson 23 March 2006

This is a perfect poem. We see the cat as flatly unsympathetic: even her owners lock her out and drown her kittens. But she's more than that: she kills thrushes and nightingales (and blackbirds, which are as colorful as crows and ravens aren't) and other creatures that we, as audience, prefer. But the larger forces of life (nature and 'God, ' whatever he, she, or it is) treat her more kindly. The poem is so understated that the last line is arresting and very tender.

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Anna Zamir 07 April 2017

if u read this poem A cat plssssssssssss help me to analysis this plsss urgent

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Eric Jump 25 February 2006

This is a poem of welcome good fortune: to live a long life, being what she was meant to be despite all and then called home to rest by none other than God! Outdoor cats are in a war zone; pity Edward Thomas did not have the same good fortune.

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