A Daring Endurance! Poem by MBJ Pancras

A Daring Endurance!

"I built a daring endurance within to set out with my father;
My father, handicapped, ails with knee fissure.
Far from my birth place I've been with my ailing father;
My assistance to him would be a boon unto him.
Days passed in normalcy; regular meal we had.
The sun rose in the east and set in the west,
There were waning moon and waxing moon,
Thunders and showers had their regular routine.
A sudden lock down was lifted across the world,
And too in the nation I live ‘midst trials.
We were left penniless in the town far away from my place,
The ‘governments' airlifted the wealthy suitcases,
But those of rags lying on roads were neglected.
I built a daring endurance within to set out with my father,
A long way to travel - -more than a thousand scores,
I packed all my youthful dreams and unfolded my real deeds,
An old but sturdy engineless vehicle I held with courage,
My father with broken knee took the back seat.
The incredible journey I started with my father.
I was swift in my ride when I thought of courage,
My legs moaned with pain of ceaseless functioning;
I rolled my twin legs along the rolling wheels,
The felt for my struggle, but had to shine upon the earth,
A solo competition it looked like on roads,
For the absence of countless drivers and bikers,
I sweated; my father sweltered and we had breaks,
I distrusted the helpless ‘powers', who draft simply rules,
On our way we were stuck by electronic media,
And you could listen to our pathos and struggles,
I found humanity is dead in the world,
With the least amount I had I pedaled miles together,
With a drop of water to quench our thirst,
At roadside water taps intermittently we stopped,
At nights we stayed under public trees,
And I knew criminals would loiter around,
Yet, we were under the guidance of an unseen hand.
The days were long that we passed ten times,
And there we reached the point of our destination.
Yea, I built a daring endurance within with my father
That life can be lived with courage and endurance.

(This poem was written, I being inspired by watching the scene of a 15 year old girl pedaling her bicycle with her handicapped father, travelling back home of about 1200 kms. in India.)
MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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