Fragrant Thorns Dramatic Monologue Poem by MBJ Pancras

Fragrant Thorns Dramatic Monologue

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Dramatic Monologue
Fragrant Thorns
(Solitary Chamber. Heart breaking melodious music is flowing silently. Young Ren is looking pale, soliloquizing.)
Young Ren: Sweet Flance!
Can you hear me?
I do know you can never see me now;
But hear me - my words at least!

Feel my heart that hangs on nothing;
Yet resting itself on my unrequited love.

Hear me! Do hear me!

Send thy spirit unto me awhile,
And hearken my silent words.

Dear Flance!
Thou must be now with thy partner
Breaking thy footprints with me once;
Yet ne’er am I angry with thee.
From him I should not take thee away;
Yet listen unto me awhile.

Dear Flance!

I loved thee not at the very first sight
Like Orlando and Rosalind -
Orlando was a wrestler,
Rosalind was a fair lady.

Their love began at an arena in a contest -
Rosalind in the guise of Ganymede,
Their love passed thro’ rustic lands
Symbolizing the art of Nature,
Their love stirred the young hearts
With wonder and fancy.

Sweet Flance!
Romeo died of Juliet and Juliet of Romeo -
Breaking endurance to chaos.
There was poison in their love.
Dear Flance!
Jealousy lingered in the fatal love
Betwixt Othello and Desdemona,
At night their love was born,
At night their love was dead
When blackened by the candle light.
Dear Flance!
Lysander loved Hermia
And sought fanciful beings
For their fanciful union.
Dear Flance!
Know you, Keats died of consumption?
His love for Fanny Brown was limitless,
And so burst into tears.
Oh! No!
MY love for thee can never have comparisons.
Sweet Flance!
Blossomed my love for thee
When thou wert young,
When thou wert beautiful;
Yet it’s not of Romeo’s,
Of Othello’s,
Of Lysander’s,
Of Dante’s,
Of Keats’,
For they died of their love.

My love for thee be unrequited; yet ineffable.
You felt not my love; yet I cannot be Romeo.
Know you?
Romeo loved Juliet,
Juliet loved Romeo,
And so they died without love.
Loved I thy heart, not thee?
Love I thy heart, not thee?
And so,
We live in remembrance of each other.
Dear Flance!
Thou must be now living with thy partner
Rejoicing in his presence.
Can you think of me living myself.
Rejoicing in my thoughts of you?
Here am I in the air with wings waxed;
Yet I’ll not fall down to fragments.

Know you?
I am to lead my life myself,
But with thoughts of you!

Loved I thee, still I love thee,
Ever I’ll love thee.

(Young Ren sheds tears)

Sweet Flance!

My tears are not of my loneliness sans thee;
But born of bliss within me with thoughts of you.

(Curtain Falls)

MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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