A Death In The Red Street Poem by Chitra Arun

A Death In The Red Street

It was never her choice,
to be into the red gallows.
Body sold in the witching hour,
forsaking her hemorrhaged soul,
she moves on.
Twitching in pain,
trembling limbs,
scars of yesterday's lust,
squashing the very being out of her,
yet she bounces back in the morning.

A wife and a mother,
her own choice,
her only aberration,
falling in love with a man,
who placed her under the red light,
with harrowing nights.

Just for the livelihood of her family,
which her man should have given,
she sold herself every day.
The lusty eyes,
that could have grazed upon the innocent,
she cools that lust off,
at the cost of her nights.

Today she is at crossroads,
her man being bludgeoned to death.
She ran from one hospital to another,
with her mate writhing in pain.
God - speed said few of her clan,
from the crimson gallows.
Succumbed he did,
with the setting sun.
Disowned by society,
and now by protectors of law too,
She stood there perplexed.

Benumbing silence engulfed her,
She held two arms tight,
better or worse life would enfold,
unaware, unperturbed she stood there,
a defying silence,
chilling the soul.

It was not her choice,
to be pushed into the red gallows,
now with two innocent souls,
walking along by her side,
On these roads!

This world around I find it so Farce! We call ourself tolerant, we call us educated, we call ourself emphatic? But are we in real sense? Yesterday I happened to pass by Budhwar Peth in Pune…I happened to come across many ladies all with painted faces and colourful dress. And I guessed it right…it was the forbidden Red light area nestled very much within the so called educated and well to do society. Something pricked me, I saw pain in those eyes. I reach home to read a News about the death of a man who was the husband for 19 yrs of a sex worker from Budhwar Peth, Pune, India. He was murdered brutally, and she was denied basic right for medical aide and further The so called Police brushed the case aside saying he died of TB! What? It jolted me from within. The era where even Mother Nature being given a status of a living being by Madras Court, entitling to be protected by the Law makers and Protectors alike, These women and their family aren't even given basic right to live? But would I be able to do anything but put my thoughts on Social media. That's all I can do! Yet wrote something abt this and I wish to post it here. Hoping things would change for the better for these lesser mortal's of the forbidden zone!
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