A Decent Proposal Poem by Harish k. Thakur

A Decent Proposal

Rating: 4.5


Oh! My love, I am a clown,
Who wish a smile on your face
Flowers sparkling in your crown
And a heaven in one embrace.

But never at my state
ever do you frown
for in the air a wish warm
will always glow like a pole
but into Hades shall it drown
once trodden by the storms.

So oh! Dear, let’s enter
into the cavern of love
and like love birds fly high
far the earth above
and over the clouds
and bid farewell to all
until the earth becomes small
and this for sure
will make our love tall.

Now enough of your fear
And too much of your no
Just forget everything
And let’s go
on a long journey
longer than the Sun’s rays
for I have heard in lores
that years turn into days
and days into moments small.

A life is not enough
to expunge the melancholy
that failures do bestow
and turn the world around holy.

So, Oh! My love
give some ear
to the cry of this man
who tears his flesh
and soul for you and can span
the length of our life long
for you must know that everyone on earth
for this very purpose throng.

And lady! There is no end
to the poetry of my love
and shall never it die until the word is live
on thy lovely lips
and songs of spring do thrive
on the landscapes at distant end.

And thou, the damsel of hills
come down from your conceit
and let us fly together
under the spell of love and not forfeit
the moments that time has begotten.

So never you laugh at this lovely clown
or the world a day shall at you frown
and then u will repent
over the love lost and the time unspent
And you should keep it in mind
That you are talking to none
Though a mad man but a precious one.

So keep him in your heart like a gem
and those who laugh over his state
just disclose to them
that the man who died for you was a gold
And your lamentations and pains
And then how his hand you couldn’t hold.

So O! Fairy of my heart
Never my love should you thwart
And even a thought of doing so
Would mean a new world you drown
And a moment amazing shall go
Forever into the darkness of abyss
And then shall you wail and wait
For an angel to heal your wounds
And turn them into flowers in a strange kiss.

But I am a man of my own wonders
And shall never stoop on my knees
Rather at adversity shall I thunder
Like a lightening and then clasp
Your hand and then once again shall ask
Is there a drop of tear
In your eyes and love in heart
Free from the worldly strife
For your modest friend
Or still he has to wait for another life
Or in the forest wild strand.?

Jazib Kamalvi 03 December 2017

A refined poetic imagination, Harish k. T. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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