Jazib Kamalvi

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M.A. English, M.A. Urdu, M.A. Education. Dip. TEFL, D.H.M.S, R.H.M.P.

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Love And Lust

Love and lust are poles apart.

Lust is chaos, love is art.

Poem Hunter

I am a poem hunter,
The world's eighth wonder.

A man of word and letter,


Though teachers are not kings,
yet they are the king makers.

Though teachers have not wings,

Poetic Sense -1 (Translation)

To The Students

I am present in your blood,
You will never wash out me.

I am ocean you are flood,

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24 February 2017

Money is precious but not more than time. (Jazib Kamalvi)

26 March 2017

There is no need of your poem if there exists a better one than yours for the same situation.


Gabriel Oluwalana 28 July 2021

Wow! You have a good poem. I'd like to get connected to you on other social network.

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Beautifully articulated, , love this, Sir

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milawe2530 milawe2530 12 January 2021

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Mai Murphy Venn 30 July 2020


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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

A great and very talented poet.......God bless you dear friend...///

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Dear Poet-friend, Love/ a nice poetic utterane. The juxtappositions are thoughtful and ideational. Happy to know your way of expressions - - Desamangalam Ramakrishnan

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ysdvsvd 27 January 2020

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bushra 23 December 2019

sir KIndly tell me about ur bio graphy because i m a urdu teacher I want to introduce ur poem in syllabus

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bushra 23 December 2019

i only want to know him as a poet like all other poets.

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bushra 23 December 2019

kindly someone tell me about jazib kmalwi

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Mark Meck 16 October 2019

Beautiful juxtaposing of heart's snares. I love it

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Angel Lockwood 12 October 2019

Nice, a revelation between the two Sharing in emotions. Bravo

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Dana Besarani 09 October 2019

Thoughtful words in most of your poems good luck....

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Joe Anthony 01 July 2019

Brother Jazib, The poem is incisive and divides asunder the two words. Thank you for sharing it.

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Dedy Riyadi 12 March 2019

i read and listen to your poems...very grateful you writing all of it.

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Eden Trinidad 12 March 2019

I read and listen to your poem Jazib. Eden s Trinidad

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 31 January 2019

O Urdu kay shayar - - tere kalam sey nikli nazam - -kamaal valii Jazib Alvi CANADIAN ME POET ME

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Jack Price 07 January 2019

Dear Sir, I love the poem, Since were are poets I am not critiquing you, I am only offering my comment. Since the poem is so long, it loses some of its energy during the comparisons between Love and. I would only go with about 10 examples picking the best ones and this would be a dynamite poem. Good Work. Not that you asked for my opinion but you did offer for me to read it. Thank you. J. L.

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Safi ullah 07 September 2018

Sir l like your poem“Alveda“

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