Katherine Bryce

A Guy Like You - Poem by Katherine Bryce

why is it
that you 
manage to
leave me in tears

I know that I
was just a friend
but now I can't
look at you the same

it's been weeks
since we last talked
but to my heart
it's been years

everyone knows
that I've crashed and burned
but no one knows
the truth I feel for you

I've felt your pain
you hope and dreams
but why is it
that you don't feel my pain

I want to cry
every time that I 
see you there
it's too much for me

I've been hurt
many times before
but none has hurt
as bad as this

my heart is pounding
this is true
you're the cure
if only you knew

you know a little
how I feel
but you don't know
that you mean so much more

you are the smile
I have when I wake
you're in the dreams
I don't want to wake from

I need you
right here and now
I need you're smile
I need you're grace

but you left me broken
more than you'd guess
but now i see
you're far from me

you're dreams go
further than mine
I guess I've gatta learn
the pains of love

maybe my problem is
not that you hurt me
but that I won't give up
and see it be

I know what everyone says
some say it's so cute
that me out of anyone
is falling for a guy like you

you are far from normal
and that I love
how you're so open
and will push for dreams

you are like
an open book
that I thought
I could read fine

but as it turns out
I was wrong again
I'm such a fool
whenever I'm around you

I truly care for you
yes I said it before
but nothing can break
these feelings for you

only you can make me
crash and burn
I know I said I would for you
but it's all too much

you have this smile
that I can't forget
no matter what I do
I always think of you

you're my inspiration
to reach for the stars
but to me the stars
resemble your eyes

I gave you my heart
but now I see
it was just foolishness 
for thinking of you and me

I've shed some tears
but that's nothing new
nor is what I feel
everyday for you

i wake with a smile
because i get to see you
I wake up with pain
because you broke me

it's all so confusing
what I've been through
only because now I wish
I never told you.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 5, 2011

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