Susha Strauss

A Happy Ending - Poem by Susha Strauss

I sit in a soft chair
as I take in the words written on the paper
between my hands
the words flowing like milk and honey down the page
the words so intricate, yet simple in their use
and eventually I stop
drawn out of this dream, physically there
between my fingers, for
this dream is done
and so I close the book
and I can practically see the golden light
of written beauty disappearing as I gently
close the book, carefully like treasure
and I look up and out the window
at nature's miracle
the golden autumn leaves dancing their own
intricate dance as they fall to the ground
and make a carpet so delicate
it crinkles with even the slightest step
and along side the bare trees and their
falling leaves
is the crystal blue lake with
it's small waves gently licking the
sand under its water, grain by grain
the sandy beach is carried away
and next to these beautiful spectacles
are lush green rose bushes, dotted with
vibrant reds, and pinks
purposeful planted in the form of a
as I gaze at at these beautiful
I can not smell the strong scent of
freshly cut wood, wafting form the
huge shelves of newly made books
but instead I smell the scent of autumn
the fresh, crisp, airy smell that
harbors the smokey scent of
this years last bonfires
When I noticed
a lady in white, standing with the
grace of a swan, a bouquet of
light pink and white Flowers in hand
while she wears a flowing white
wedding gown, simple yet beautiful
and next to her a tall handsome
man, wearing a perfectly made suit
and in front of both of them
book in hand, and old priest dressed
in white, and although I couldn't
hear him, I knew he was joining
the girl in white and man in black
through marriage, and when is mouth
stopped moving he closed his book
and all 3 of them walked so gracefully t
the labyrinth of rose bushes, it looked
as though they floated, and soon
they disappeared within the roses
and went through the labyrinth
like how people go through a maze of life
to find what everyone longs for
A happy ending.

Topic(s) of this poem: wedding

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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