Susha Strauss

Acting - Poem by Susha Strauss

I walk down the halls and
Enter the room where you all
Wait smiling at me
So, as you accept me smile back
Forceful and talk
I smile the whole time on the
Outside, but I am sad on the inside
For, I pretend to be someone I’m not
You expect me to be me adieu
Think I am, we all laugh and
Have a gay time. But at some point
My true self leaks through it’s
Shown in my eyes it’s heard in
My speech
But what do you do?
You look at me and tell me
Don’t pretend to be someone your
Not, because we love you just
The way you are
So, you smile and think you’ve said
The right thing
But wake up!
This is reality
Can you not see the frown on?
My face at your “kind words? ”
Can you not notice how I bow?
My head as people pass by
Even though I seem like
I am not shy?
Can you not hear the
Sincerities in my voice
When I say something unpredicted?
But, I guess I’ve acted
This character for so long
It’s impossible to get off stage
But now
My act is wearing thin
I can’t stand how it is
The forced laughs
The kind of acts towards your
Menacing laughs
And I’m afraid
How will it be when you really
See me?
How will it be when I cancel?
My act for your show?
I don’t know
So I guess we’ll just have
To wait and see
If you’ll accept me

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