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A Homeless, But A Pretty Man

It's not your fault to be a homeless Whether you're a man, a woman, or a kid, But it's their mistake, It's not a crime to be a homeless, but It's a big shame to leave a homeless in a street, It's a crime to leave a pretty homeless amid The ugly corners of the forgotten and the needy, The homeless people are pretty people, but Something happened made them outside, The homeless people are pretty souls like all the Other souls, but something happened to our thoughts, The homeless people's homelessness is an ugly thing That has an ugly impact on all of us and on the whole world, Why are the homeless people in the streets, on the sidewalks, Inside the ugly and thrown cars, and anywhere? They are our brothers, our sisters, and our kids Like all the other people who live comfortably, These pretty people have great feelings and wonderful emotions Like anyone of us, but something pushed them outside, They might be hungry, they might be thirsty, or they they might need a Kind of human warmth just to make them feel life well, Their homelessness is our mistake and their mistake because They can not be cared for by all of us or they die in the streets, If they need help for any reason they need our help because without Our help they will be ending in an inevitable death, and I can say greatly that they're our brothers and our sisters In humanity anytime, anywhere, and everywhere on earth.