Through My Childhood Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Through My Childhood

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My mind was a white sheet of paper That depicted all that happened at that time, I was really a naughty boy at that time Who used to play with all friends happily, I loved everyone and everyone loved me Simply because innocence was so natural with us, I used to play with all our streets' children, Life was naive and simple and we enjoyed playing All pretty games including that 'hide and seek', I used to be a good boy who complied with all the Games' rules with all streets' friends and relatives, Our alleys' borders were our our limits and Not more than this anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, The Patos Orchard was our ground which we had Most of leisure and at the same we enjoyed our pleasure, My days of childhood were those pretty recollections That streamed smoothly and happily in the whole of my life, There were many pretty images of those pretty days Which I had them happily with everyone I played with, We were natural kids who just had that pretty world Of childhood that contained our playing and our running, I loved to understand that life through my eyes While playing happily, wonderfully, and joyfully with all kids, To me, those days of my childhood are still sounding And echoing deeply in my mind, my heart, and in my feelings. ______________________________________________________________________

Maria C. Pires Costa 05 November 2014

Nicely reflective thread honouring your childhood recollections! Sensitivity, purity, joy, fraternity, alongside simplicity and cheerfulness of Life by then. It is so good to hear those days still resonate in your mind, heart and feelings. All the best, Maria

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Valsa George 31 October 2014

Vivid childhood reminiscences! We all treasure the memories of those innocent days and wish to retrace our steps back to those carefree time! Enjoyed!

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 30 October 2014

Yes childhood mind is just like a white sheet of paper, things or experiences written on shine at the rate. Very excellent poem on childhood topic.

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