Don Nguyen

A Joker's Poem - Poem by Don Nguyen

I long to live poetry free of vulgar language
Maybe i will never find my dream in this modern age
I long to taste poem which lifts human spirit up instead of tearing it down
My soul suffers anguish when love come in contact with hate and disdain
For love it breathes, now it has become very fragilely sentimental

I long for the day when they say they love me, they just accept me as me
They don't like me one moment, the next they just smear, kick, scream
I rather see them just hate, not hot and cold, chill and warming up
Maybe I need it; for the poet in me needs allthe emotional ups and downs
laughter and frown always parallel in this poet's life
Plus cries which are not far behind
for my life lately it has been prominent occurances
waht do you expect from 4 or 5-month poetic crash course
Belligerent and egoistic they call me, the one who laments
I thought proud people don't cry, don't beg, don't lament
maybe it is just a new kind of poetic definition or expression
Oh well, I just sit here, sad, lonely, unexpressive
Nothing to write about, nothing I want to write about
I simply want to walk away, to forget my life of a poet
For lately it just brings all the grief, hurt
No longer love, not even love hurt, simply hurt
They can only understand my longing to be free
Only when they themselves were caged
What happens to my lovely playground?
maybe it never exists, only in your head
it always the same, same faces, same names
you once love them, you now can love them still
but they dont want me, inspired then they want to kill
the mockingbird which just sings for them
they cheer and then they jeer in the same sentence
it, s a joker who just loves to dance and sing
give him some compliments, that is all he needs
make him cry, he will sing louder
what a fool, he knows no better
he'll be back as he always does
We just wait and see

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, October 28, 2013

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