Ryan Swanson

A Kiss Of Sand - Poem by Ryan Swanson

I remember that day in a kiss, a memory.
Remember the pain, the madness of this eternity.
And from this swollen, scared and weary heart…
You, my friend stole life. A vision by poison you took.
I tremble, I shake, bloody tears of tomorrow.
Yet that day is your myth, and your myth is my death.
But I sing only with tears. Remember kids, I sing only with tears!
They cut my tongue and taught me pain.
In blood I choke, in blood you left.
Come back to me now, and be my lips;
SPEAK to remind me of the sand in my veins
Sing; oh sing so thatI might feel you…touch you…know you,
Come home to us, comeback to me.

In a kiss, I remember the day they called me man,
Onward into wonderland, onward into the pathetic path;
Your Path, your words, YOUR VERY THOUGHTS, bitter, deadly gunpowder,
My owls carry sand…but, you bring only that sacred curse that came before you.
Your words are smoke of yesterday’s massacre and your soul is dressed in fake sulfur.

In a kiss I cry, and my tears are yours.
I scream, but only the wind can hear.
And with wind and sand I sense your soul
With sand and wind, a kiss is felt.
I beg of you to search my eyes,
In the galaxy of the desert my heart beats to your song.

As I kiss my tears I eat your lips, but yet their caste
cannot fit; not ayer, nor tomorrow…no not ever.
Your lost, Im lost, but yet in sand.
With one true kiss of pain and sorrow… hold me,
In sand you will know me, because I taste of truth.
You will love me because my soul is a desert.

Come but for a kiss, a sweet touch of my dry
Lips, taste my story.
My pain as sweat…will you have me?
Lean into the blue universe and lend me your skin,
Kiss me in abundance as you twirl…do you know me?
In my kiss I am old, young, wise and dumb.
In my kiss the universe exist…
Hence the divine painted you in my dream.
With blue kisses, I am eternal;
Without your twirling love, I seek only the mist.
A passage of sand.

Topic(s) of this poem: child, growth, love, love and loss

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 22, 2015

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