Kenneth Leon Kolowa

A Letter To My Mother - Poem by Kenneth Leon Kolowa

From dusk to dawn
Sunrise to sundown
This I will never forget
Your kisses that always left me in a comfort
And a bliss that no grief could ever secrete
A mile-wide-smile and sweet
That never deserted your cheeks

Your submissiveness
When my stomach would rumble
How you would enable my aptitudes
And change my ill attitudes
And fashion my self-esteem
Not to be the next awaited victim
Under any state of affairs

You reduced yourself down to zero
But to me you were still a hero
Jointly we went outdoors and out
And more often than not
We would go up the hills
And lean idly upon the walls

You were my physician
Upon all signs of hypochondria
You were a mother superior
You did the whole in a real thrill
You were to me mother-of-pearl

People said, 'too much sweet cloys'
But your love to me grew bold in all ways
Now and then I never thought
Life could bring in me a heart-strife
And put a blot of blood on my ecstasy

I recall one day I stood neighboring you
With my two hands akimbo
It was the nightfall of the 16th July
My tongue had stranded on its pivots
My mouth was kept mum
So were my tryouts
To keep you from shutting those eyes
I asked myself so many whys
I stretched my eyes to see if it was a lie
Only to hurt them and find I couldn't deny
That I was left a flag without a pole
And like a shoe without a sole
Or like a worker denied a dole
In my heart there was now a hole

Life turned a wound that hurt
I got myself caught up in a mesh
Like a fishbone stuck in my throat

I never thought
Life could be so dicey
I was blind at the outset now I see
This life will never set me free
In every breath I'll pay a huge fee
For my blameworthy breakthroughs
Still death split people into twos
The worldly and the heavenly
The lonely and the heavenly
Mothers gone, children left odd socks
Little strokes fell great oaks

In my life time and hereafter
As long as eyes can see, mouths can utter
From side to another, below to above
There has never been a heartfelt love
Like yours to me
Or whose love that can be?

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