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two hearts and a song

morning so beautified

Night orchestrated now the stars are silent
Behind the sky drumming up thunderous beats

some distant rumbling of yesterdays haunt me still…

. inside your mind

mind you
magic is in you

Fading reality,
Vulgarize living;
Trapped in emptiness,

...the truth is that...

Do I or in me,
A selfish beast born?

… birth of a day
An endlessness, gifted:

maddening passion

half of my body w.holly wet as the waves of Juhu beach caress my feet
half of the world cracked into another two halves
another half into another and…rest for you

stone of your country
with heart of zion
You came and I sensed you land beneath your feet

seventh sense

surrounded by these creative elements
of force action

...Far in the east end is the land of tawang
call abode of God of humaneness,
first rays of the life of the sun-breaths here that
kiss the existence of the Pagodas that stand tall,

sweetest ever than any fruit is the
fruits of time
the time and the fruits

Battle is on…
Eyes drowned in despair,
the earth looks like a Starving mother and child;
Stripped soul

life lived on it’s ugliness
ugly is our devilish diktats
duteous dwelling-is it the birthright
noble I am born, with faith…reborn


…I crept into the enormity of oneness
into sole oneness...

. the round table

the round table painted in black
black why black

we need no change
We cannot change the society
We cannot change the world
For whatever everything was born with own beauty

Lost myself,
Loving and caring;


how you let the death smile!
How you let the living,

there is love in you

Love was never old
Love was never new

why love and blindfold your mind
you suffer and see yourself
for I have suffered and seen myself
for my few good friends have suffered and seen themselves

Lovita Morang Biography

> > Breaking News... Look into me: Lovita Marang 'Air pollution is not as dangerous as a polluted mind' written by Aiyushman Dutta, times of india Guwahati Life has been nothing short of a dream for Lovita j r Morang in which she calls each and every shot. This enterprising young model from Assam shot to fame while walking the ramp with the likes of John Abraham and Aryan Vaid and consummate performances in Assamese blockbusters, Bukur Majot Jole and Morome Morom Jane. In fact, she along with Tora and Panchali, set the stage for modelling to make inroads into the state of Assam and the north eastern region. Apart from modelling, Lovita also writes poems which underline the agonies and cries of the helpless apart from making documentary features and tele-films. This self-admitting 'chronic traveller' is now all set to make her first full length feature film to be released all over the country. 'Nowadays, I walk the ramp only on invitation. I am totally focused on film making at present, ' says Lovita. Her latest documentary, The Sylvan Bride had been accorded A-grade by Doordarshan Kendra, Itanagar last year. After garnering the experience of making more than twenty documentary productions for Doordarshan, Lovita plans to make as many as three full length feature films in the coming three years. And she wants to convey a message through her films; the message of 'peace'. Lovita while talking about her 'protest features', said, 'I just want to make films so that I can capture a message and convey it to the world. My films will protest against the hypocrisy in society. They will focus mainly on social issues. I feel bad about the present state of the world'. She quickly added, 'All my initiatives are on humanitarian grounds. I don't know politics and don't want to play any politics. I just want peace on Earth. The world can be so beautiful when it is peaceful. Sadly, people have failed to realise it'. Elaborating on the objectives of her debut feature film, Lovita said that she has a message to convey to mankind. 'I am a patriot. I may not go to the battlefield but I am very much frustrated with all the happenings around me. My poetry and films are all works of protest. Protesting is like writing in the wind; I am a silent protestor.' She ridiculed the developmental initiatives of the government and said, 'India shining, India glowing, India moving forward. All these are crap. I go to interior places of the region to make films on developmental features and there is no trace of development in those places'. She took instance from the latest debacle of Assam in the form of the public clash with the Adivasis, 'Just see how hypocritical people are. Their outlook itself tells you. Politics may be a tool but think about humanity for a change. They are crying for clothes, for food, for shelter. Listen to their cries and be with them. But no, people are going about stripping those unfortunates in distress.' The seriousness of her thoughts can be gauged as she pleads, 'Don't pollute your mind. Pollution in the air is not as dangerous as pollution of the mind'. Lovita's new avatar doesn't go down with her on-film image and she explains, 'I don't drink nor do I smoke. But I broke that rule in Gautam Bora's film for the character demanded it. I broke it for the sake of art as I had to develop the character.' In this strife-torn age when all sort of achievements are solely based on monetary or materialistic benefits, it is people like Lovita who help re-affirm one's faith in humanity. ...fatally passionate about her works on so far and still inspired by life to write poetries.as a child you learn and what here we are as projecting and protesting into world of fashion and films, flute -all goes great...when the beauty and love grows within and branch out...shining in out down up... this so far is lovita J R Morang...)

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Two Hearts And A Song

two hearts and a song

morning so beautified


hum the harmony for humanity

like this truly like this
writing in the wind, calling the wind

a man like you are for men

you said two hearts a song
and created and composed
many a songs…many a hearts

it’s purely for all that hearts
that can beat for you

peace through love
love through peace

if love is two hearts and a song

I may be torn
I may be lovelorn

Amidst we
Global festival of human songs

Try singing these and smile
Hum even if the songs has broken rhythm

The Ragas of life

Why carry a broken heart
I may be playing the broken flute

It’s not only the two hearts and a song

But for many a hearts that hums

I believe
I shall sing on these lovesongs for lovely people.

Songs not yet shaken
For love knows it’s own unlimitedness

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Lovita Morang Popularity

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