A Little You For Me….! ! Poem by Faithful Addiction

A Little You For Me….! !

You are a pearl buried in the shell
Who can drag me down to hell?
With your arches that allure
You can whip my soul for sure

And I think that you can read
All my thoughts there in my creed
And I know that you can hear
So I don't whisper when you're near

With your tantalizing gaze
That has left me in a haze
Which I just can not revive
No matter how I thrive

And I know you're not elite
But then why this sweet deceit
That I feel has grown inside
Is getting hard to hide

There is a green stone in your ring.
Is that a sign that we can swing?
Swing on curves that you're hiding.
'Coz Inside you something's inviting.

You're like a dew dropp on the petal
With no direction of your own
And I know that you can glide me
But will you feel for this moron?

There is a glitter in your orbs
That has shattered me to core
And it takes me to a horizon
That I've seen once before

And I love you when you sizzle
Its just fun to see you giggle
And I know it's not in vain
'Coz you're driving me insane.

And I hate that when you talk,
To the guys who try to mock,
And the ways they patronize you,
Have been drowning me to shock

I just wish if we could waddle,
In the misty winter nights
But my fate is a game of riddle
Where you're a fading shade of light

And I know that you were thinking.
As a side of you was winking.
Who this boy who sits in corner
Has been waiting me to sink in

Do you know that you're hypnotic?
And your vows are so erotic
Give me inferno desires.
Who to quench douse down this fire?

I've known that you are Naughty.
Who is simply sound & haughty
Just like a pearl buried in the shell
Is that why the call you - SWEETY? ? ?

It could also mean:
Special Weapons And Tactics India.

Whatever you like…. LOL.

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