Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lone Knight (Epic Poem)

The darkness had descended on the world once more
A young boy was called upon to take up this chore
To rid the world of that darkness no matter the cost
To keep on trekking, no matter what was lost
So he did, he took up that impossible fight
Decided to fight for truth, for good, and for light
He had a group of friends, his sole companions
Each helped the other, picked them up from their sins
But as the fight continued and as they struggled to keep going
It seemed one among them was doing all the sinning
A turncoat, a liar, a betrayer was he
Locking the others up, not letting them free
They were chained up and thrown into the darkest pit
And in that darkness, that boy couldn't believe it
His dear friend had kidnapped all against their will
Even started to single them out, who he was going to kill.
So the boy broke free and went towards all of his fears
Attacking and killing his friend through all the tears.
Swearing an oath to the gods to go on alone
Destroying all the friendships that were meticulously sewn
He wandered a while, vanquishing all evil
Letting the blackness consume more of his soul
Til he was at last consumed by his mission
Lost forever in the death of his friend, his worst of sins
Forgiveness it seemed, was far away from him
So he kept moving, letting his feet guide on whim
Taking him where enemy after enemy stood
Cutting them open, watching the run of the blood
His first mission was already lost
The young boy's heart had turned itself to frost
The world's only hope teetered on the edge
Of the abysmal depths over that ledge.
Until one day he stood outside the city
Witnessed a disaster only his eyes could see
A young girl was taken hostage, a prisoner bound
The boy's heart began to beat faster he found
Looking on the soft features of that girl
He couldn't bare the thought of her in peril
He jumped from his horse, and ran with all his might
Leaping into action, drawing his sword for the fight
He ducked a blade, dropped to his knees and struck
Beheading one, but missed the other as he ducked
Under an arrow that struck the wrong target
He gave those bandits a fight they wouldn't forget
And soon the fight was over, and the boy stood dripping
Blood from his victims, as he was the one winning
'You are safe now, ' He said in his softest of voices
The girl's eyes brimmed with tears her smile of rejoice
'Thank you for saving me, that was such a great fight.
You are my hero, my own lone knight.'
The boy heard her words, and he was at a lost
He could feel his heart losing his frost
Was this the reason for living the reason for his journey
Finding this girl so pretty and lovely
He sheathed his sword, and help her to her feet
Taking a kiss from her for the enemies he beat.
His missions goals had started to change again
He no longer thought of the darkness when
He looked at the girl, the one he wanted to marry
His goals were slipping by because he wanted to tarry
Before long, that lone knight was a fighter no more
He had a family and friends, a life that was a bore.
But he was happy, and happy was he
He was in a world where he was so free
But fate loves to play its cruel jokes
As the knights world crumbled when they killed all those folks
His village was in shambles, his wife lay bleeding
When he was away by a tree only reading
Vengeance reign in his blood, fierce and true
He took his old his horse and his sword and flew
Into the heart of evil, into that black land
Wanting to destroy it all by his own hand
Steel glinted and screams sounded aloud
As he slowly mowed down crowd after crowd
But he was taking heavy losses of his own
Having many cuts that ran straight to the bone
And as he stood there, against the king of black
He knew now, that the others hand had been heavily stacked
He could barely hold his sword up, but he stood there wishing
He could just win this fight, even though he had lost most of his vision
The man slowly came forward to fight off the knight
Laughing at the pitiful figure who still had so much fight
The knight grimaced as he made his last assault
Knowing the death of his world was his own damned fault
It happened so fast, it happened so quick
Another life lost by a quick sword tip
Our hero of his tale stood victorious for a small while
A victor only through his own reckless style.
For the darkness had been defeated but at what price
A man among men, oh the plans of mean and mice
Often go awry, as the knight saw this second
As he could feel death slowly beckon
And now he stood there, his life draining away
His eyes clouded, going back to that day
He saw that pretty girl, and that one big fight
As he died there with a smile, Once more a lone knight
Jeremy David T. Garrett
crimson 20 December 2019
this was amazing and truly described my life
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