A Man About To Be Executed By The State Within 24 Hours.

This story will be about a Man about to be executed by the state within 24 hours.
He was a homeless person, preaching with his gang of Men. Here is his story:
My last day on earth I was very scared and shaking uncontrollably and could not control my body functions. I have been thinking about running, to just get away from this place. All day and all night every demonic spirit and satan himself was right next to me torturing my mind and into the depth of my spirit. His fallen angels were in my face screaming and cursing me, telling me that they have me in their grips now and I would join them in the end. I knew what was ahead of me and that night I would change from a pure man that knew no sin and I would become a sinner, with all the emotions and evil thoughts that one could have.
Finally the authorities whisked me away as my knees buckled under me through all the chaos. They grabbed me by my hair and pulled me along. Then the punches began that knocked my teeth out of my mouth, the beatings and whipping never ended. Thousands of souls were screaming and kicking me and throwing boiling hot water on me. The evil entity never left me, haunting and taunting me all the way there.
While I was crawling along the road with my 300 pound cross on my back, I defecated myself and the people took it and spread it all over my face and mouth screaming here is the lord of the flies. My inner organs was shutting down and I could hardly see or hear anymore, my body felt numb but I continued on.
Finally we reached Calvary hill, 'Gethsemane', it was almost a mile away. The Romans had beaten me until I had flesh hanging off my bruised body and then they nailed me to the cross. As the spikes went in my hands and feet my veins exploded and the blood came pouring out all over the ground. Then the cross was lifted and dropped into a hole with what was left of me hanging there.
Now comes the reality of what I came to earth to do. Still all the evil entity is screaming non stop and I look up into heaven and ask my Father, why did you turn your back on me and forsake me at my greatest time of need? It was at this time I felt a deep sense of loneliness, as all the evil acts, thoughts, emotions of man came upon me as I became sin itself. I had hate running through me and I wanted to kill, rape, molest, steal and destroy etc. I became every kind of evil on the cross. Now came all the sickness raging through my body with every kind of disease, illness and infection coming upon me.
You see, it was not the cross that took my life, it was the downfall of humanity and corruption that ended it all. But I paid the price in full and after 3 days rose from the dead so when you die you will live for eternity with me. My crucifixion I was you, pure man, not God, not Christ, I became...
Please note this is based on scripture, the detail or what took place is my opinion and thoughts.

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This story will be about a Man about to be executed by the state within 24 hours.
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