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Hiding From The World

A Man About To Be Executed By The State Within 24 Hours.

This story will be about a Man about to be executed by the state within 24 hours.
He was a homeless person, preaching with his gang of Men. Here is his story:
My last day on earth I was very scared and shaking uncontrollably and could not control my body functions. I have been thinking about running, to just get away from this place. All day and all night every demonic spirit and satan himself was right next to me torturing my mind and into the depth of my spirit. His fallen angels were in my face screaming and cursing me, telling me that they have me in their grips now and I would join them in the end. I knew what was ahead of me and that night I would change from a pure man that knew no sin and I would become a sinner, with all the emotions and evil thoughts that one could have.
Finally the authorities whisked me away as my knees buckled under me through all the chaos. They grabbed me by my hair and pulled me along. Then the punches began that knocked my teeth out of my mouth, the beatings and whipping never ended. Thousands of souls were screaming and kicking me and throwing boiling hot water on me. The evil entity never left me, haunting and taunting me all the way there.


Breathe deep my child the wrath and fury of the world is consuming your thoughts.
Run as you may but the end will finish you off with death of your humanity.
Call upon the Lord but He is silent and invisible to hear your cry for help.
Your riches or bright minds will not save you as your feet is sinking deep in quicksand. Old age is making you look like a Corpse lay still maybe time and death may not enter.

Bottle In The Ocean


Strong Mind

Hiding From The World

I rather not be seen or heard and Hide in the forest behind the trees and woods.
I come out and play when the darkness comes or when the world is empty of Humanity. search me Not I Am one with Natural. animals are my family make No mistake to understand just keep a blind eye and we will get along fine.

Eternal Love

I woke up my sweet wife was gone thinking it was just a dream, but I swung my arm around the bed and notice
My beloved wife is no more or in my life. Oh, the pain I felt was so great I went into a deep sleep and woke up one year later, finding myself in a nursing home surrounded by strangers. I just stared for another 10 years out the window trapped in my body by now I have aged a lot while sleeping someone woke me up and there standing was my wife, young and beautiful she took my hand we went through walls and in another dimension forever in a blitz heavenly places.

Old Face

Run from who? Your beast within it starts showing itself passage in your 50s the decay has started run 🏃‍♂️ you dying corpse I see your mold and mildew I could smell you a mile away
Run and hide it will bring diseases and pain and unimaginable suffering. Soon you are wearing a death mask so the grave will recognize you when you enter its grip. Run old man your steps are slowly getting heavy until it sinks in your heavy load of waste. Run 🏃‍♂️ and be no more my monster friend death will be your freedom.

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