1. Mr Clock 12/21/2004
2. Inventors Are Our Heroes 11/25/2008
3. Victim 2/7/2010
4. Life After Death 6/16/2012
5. Knowing Your Self 1/20/2014
6. Life Is To Push Your Self 100 % 3/3/2014
7. Looking In 4/3/2014
8. Hiding From The World 2/1/2017
9. A Man About To Be Executed By The State Within 24 Hours. 4/14/2017
10. Humanity 8/13/2017
11. Death 11/7/2019
12. 55 5/2/2014
13. Bottle In The Ocean 9/14/2017

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I was on a highway one day and I stop at a sign that reads 55
I thought Oh its the speed limit But I was wrong ahead of me was old age
coming up on me fast. I looked back and saw my self has a teenager so I tried to run backwards a cop pull me over and told me No Fooling around with Time Kid! go where you were and man up and stop looking forward you will die before your time with worries. So live today Not ahead Not backwards Do now what time has for you

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