' A Man And His Woman... ' Poem by MoonBee Canady

' A Man And His Woman... '

Rating: 2.6

A Man And His Woman, Holds Each Other
A Man And His Woman, Best Friends & Lovers
Sticking Closer, Than All Newcomers
Taking On, All Confronters

A Man And His Woman, So Beautiful
A Woman And Her Man, So Dutiful
Bound Up, Believing, Flesh, Blood and Breath
Blended Fidelity, Even Unto Death

Man Holds To His Side, His Rib-Bone
Facing A Future, That May Be Hard As Stone
Woman, Looks To Her Man, To Continue The Trail
Helping Where She Can, Even If He Fell

She … Enhances His Masculinity
He … Empowers Her Identity
She … Caresses and Smoothes The Edges
He … Lifts Her Up To Mountain Ridges

A Man And His Woman, So Unique
Yet, One Without The Other, Is Not Complete
He Takes The Lead, In The Dance Of Life
For There’s No Rehearsal, This Is Live …

Step By Step, Side By Side
Even Now, Its One, Wild, Sweet, Ride
Of Desires And Dreams, Always Aspiring
To What Man And His Woman Are Promising

Together, They Are A Wondrous Team
Together, They Are ‘As One’ In Being
Of Physical Creation, They Can’t Be Bested

God, Made Man And Woman … and Rested …

Written & ©: 2/19/10

By: The MoonBee

David Olorunshola 09 October 2010

good write and interesting

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