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God, Is The Refuge
God, Is The Rock
God, Is The One, Who
Sets Eternity’s Clock

I Want To Ride On The Wind… Forever
I Want To Ride Over Land and Sea
I Want To Ride on The Wind… Forever
… and I Want You Riding With Me…

Beware Young Ones
Of The Internet
Beware of Saboteurs
Of Innocence

Leave Behind Drab-Disapproving Crowds
Run In Rainbow-Mist, A Bright-Prism-Cloud
Where Iridescence Gleams Unbound
Sparkles, Head To Toe … Sky To Ground

‘ Masculine Majesty … ’
Medieval Lines # 2

Lo’ and Behold … Thy Masculine Majesty

A Heart On Fire
Has Faith-Full Flames
It Rises Up
Like A Slave Unchained

Tears - Are As Old
… As East Of Eden

Pain - Is As Old

With This Ring, I Thee Wed
And Bravely Go Where Love Has Led
A Journey Unto The Unknown
But With Hope Always Coming Home

Do You Think, We Are Not Heard
When We Speak Our Wishful Words
In Pledge, Or Praise, Or Plea
Do You Think, There Is No ‘ HE ’?

Scatter The Creeping Vapor-Stench, Away
Expose The Wake of Eerie, Fog and Shadows
And Nightshade and Fiends, and Vile-Beasts That Bay
Begone, to Taboo, Grounds, Unhallowed …

Look At Them … Come To See
The Big, Tall, Wide, Redwood Tree
There It Stood, A Giant Among Men
And Tower Like The Power of Fertile Women

The Calling From GOD
Is The Purest Sound
It’s Crystal Clear
And Most Profound

Goodbye My Love, Goodbye
I Won’t Be Coming Home
Goodbye My Life, Goodbye
To All That I Have Known …

Don’t Underestimate The Power
Of Your Embrace
The Power You Hold
In That Timeless Place

The Blue Body of Water
The Green Scene Of The Sea
Has Always Appealed
And Been Restful For Me

The Internet Is Grand
A Masterpiece From Man
But I Like Something More
I Can Hold In My Hand …

All Poetry … All The Time
I Love To Read In Rhythm & Rhyme
I Love To Write Of Wistful Wishes
And Lips Speak Of Love Like Bold Kisses

I Trust You, God
I’m Trusting You Still
I Trust Your Wisdom
Your Ways and Your Will

A Man And His Woman, Holds Each Other
A Man And His Woman, Best Friends & Lovers
Sticking Closer, Than All Newcomers
Taking On, All Confronters

Meet Me … In Your Eyes
When They Open, I Realize
What I Like To Do
Is Within Their Rendezvous

MoonBee Canady Biography

I Love The Beautifully Written and Beautifully Spoken Word... Poetry is The Art of Communicating in The Form of Gentleness, or the Power To Heart-Touch Another Soul... So, To Be A Poet, Is To Be Brave and Bold, to Share A part of Your Being... And Honest and Caring Enough To Allow Another To Touch Oneself... Poetry, can be Both Intricate enough to satisfy the most philosophical of souls and yet simple enough to appeal to the child/wonderment in all of us...)

The Best Poem Of MoonBee Canady

' God Is... '

God, Is The Refuge
God, Is The Rock
God, Is The One, Who
Sets Eternity’s Clock

God, Is The Treasure
God, Is The Answer
God, Is The Pleasure
God, Is Adventure

God, Is The Right
The Reason and Reality
God, Is The Light
The Judge and Finality

God, Is The Hope
And Glory, Above All Things
God, Is He, Who Spoke
… Brought Forth, Living-Beings

God, Is The Power
The Passion and Supreme
God, Is … Our
Unbeatable Dream-Team!

God, Is Wisdom
And The Beautiful King
God, Is The Vision
In All Good Things

God, Is Mercy
God, Is Just
He … Is ‘ Who ’ We Need
God, Doesn’t Need Us

God, Is The Holy-Core
And Sacred-Mystery
God Is … And Therefore …
So, Are We

God, Is What His Word, Shows
And What God … Is Made Of
Everyone Knows …
That, God Is … Love

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