A Miracle Poem by Ayhan Diril

A Miracle

It was a cold night, I was alone on the streets.
Chasing my shadow, I heard hungry cats scream.
Let no one blame us, we have an innocent dream.
I had a paper on which our wishes were written.
Who could I present it? Who could help us?
Can you guess how helpless I was?

Our love should live for ages.
But we are kept in different cages.
Like two budgerigars we were,
The chains were all around.
Meeting chance seemed one percent.
Then I looked at the bright moon.
Remembered your beloved one,
Dividing it in two parts.

I felt the burning fire in my heart,
That scene came to mind when
Abraham was relieved,
When You told fire to be cool.
There grew roses instead.
We are no prophets, no sinless.
We are just beggars in front of your door.

The mountains are around us,
The roads lead us to blind alleys.
We are lost in big valleys.
We are in between the devil
And the deep blue sea.
Oceans roar like lions
As if wanting to drown us.

Oh my Creator.
I know you see all of this.
I know you reply our secret prays.
Give us a miracle to get away from it all.
Like Moses divided the sea into two
To lead a way out.
Send us some rain,
As we live the season of drought.
You are our only shelter, show us some mercy.

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