Ayhan Diril Poems

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Challenge And Missing

Who says it is easy to forget the beloved one?
Does it matter how much you cried?
After the beloved one's gone.
Does it matter how many roses got dried?

Chatting To My Mirror

As the clock strikes it's almost night.
There starts a fight in my heart.
I gaze at you dear mirror on the wall.
As I start chatting to you, in my deep trance.

Life Melts

ou can't grasp it, life is melting away
Is it the day dying or your hair getting gray?
It was the bright moon we dreamed to see most.
Look! What I have is in my dream is just a ghost.

A Day At Borabay Lake

This is the lake where the green and the deep blue meet.
This is where you can hear the lonely nightingales tweet.
At this place, you hear the cries of little kids in their games.
The picnic fire warms your freezing body with its dancing flames.

A Dove On My Windowsill

Your absence grows in my nights,
tearing my soul into pieces.
This helplessness sends me
in a dark cell.

A Miracle

It was a cold night, I was alone on the streets.
Chasing my shadow, I heard hungry cats scream.
Let no one blame us, we have an innocent dream.
I had a paper on which our wishes were written.

Red Rose

On a wooden table
I stare at this glass vase
In your brown eyes I am lost.
This is a hard case.

A Short Pray

My Creator! You are the one who makes the mountains walk.
On the path of happiness we look for, when will you let us walk?
My Creator! You are the one who shifts the dark into light?
Will we ever wake up, in our hearts with no fright?

All I Want

All I want is a handful of water.
Neither seas nor oceans.
What I need most is
A little smile.

An Observation

I watch the earth over the skies.
Down there is a large lake
where the frogs set up their best traps
to catch the innocent flies.

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