A Misunderstanding Poem by Xavier Thomas

A Misunderstanding

Libel and lie
Libel and lie
Take up a lute instead
Look at my hips
Look at my back
Look at the shape of my neck
Take no notice of my lips
Telling vain and hopeless lies
Take no notice of vanity and guile in disguise
As self love and apparent hatred for self reflection and consideration for the other guys

Truth in a guise
Truth in a guise
Christ came in disguise
He knew that they hated him
He knew they awaited him
So they could take the light from his eyes
He saw they would curse
And that they would hurt
Those whose heart was his,
He saw they would blurt
All their lies and hurl all their complaints
He knew what was in man
He needed no counsel
From Adam to Eve,
they did not change

He forsook his raiment
He forsook his raiment
(Like Jospeh, running from Potiphar's wife)
So they could see
He was as he had said
The Life
He took the payment
He took the laymen
And made them his scribes instead
He took the rich,
for whom it was hard to cross
He took the poor,
to whom he committed the cost
He took the simple and taught them his ways
And he took the wise and led them in dismay
So they could see his wisdom and love, his way

He took the chastisement
He took the chastisement
Of the hateful and the unaware
He let them chastise him
He let them disguise him
In pain and looked the worse for wear
Wear what, you say,
Where what, you say,
Took He all this abuse?
He took it in you, who live today,
And your face turn heel and caboose
He takes it in your lies and phony alibis
He takes it in your wandering heart
He took it up and laid it in a grave
To give you a jumpscared start:
If God did this to his beloved Son
Whom for us bore all this wrath
What shall be, but a bloodbath,
To those who sit in the blood and warmth

He sees your failures
He sees your failures
And he will not take any other pay
He sees your compassion
He sees your laughter
And it always fills him with dismay
Oh, how I hate to hear, he says,
A child give place to hate
Oh, how cruel it is, he cries,
For a wife to say another's name
He saw her wander in the midst of the night
He saw her perfume her waist
He saw her look at him sideways
And this seemed to pause her pace
Only to satisfy her wayward heart, and remember her dissatisfaction at that
Only to give herself a pat on the back
And act as though t'would be pleasured away

He waited in the dark
He waited in the dark
And he holds his weapon of choice
He gave her a month of subtle voice
He gave her his heart, to trust,
A chance, at peace, to reconcile, to show she was not a dunce
She was willing to dance
She was willing to sing
She was, for this other, to wait,
she still wore his clothes, in hypocrisy
She could had no shame or loyalty
She walked in to him
She saw his wrath
And his weapon came upon her at once
She saw it, shining, in gleam, his ring,
The sign that her heart had broken his
Yet now, in this, he would show his wrath, and then dismiss
He returned it to her fourfold,
He had wrought his labor for her,
She worked not for herself
And, then, he shot off as a gun

She looked at herself
She looked at herself
She perceived what she had done
She looked for him
She searched for him
But inwardly she knew he could not be won
She had forsaken her fountain
She forsook her rock
She cast him aside as foul clay
Unable to yield
Unable to mold
Oh, how she rued the day
At times she would see him
Delighted as can be
In the arms of other she saw
At times she had hoped he would look
That he would give her some drunken call
She saw, alas, he would not,
Because he held in esteem their bond
He loved her as he loved himself
This thing she should not have done

If she had waited
If she had waited
She cries in her regret
If she had spoken clearer, or given him a chance to relay his debt
If she had not wandered from her nest
If she had not risen from her rest
How undisciplined were her ways
She couldn't wait, she needed to sate a heart that wasn't safe
She looked at herself
She saw herself
And she couldn't stand the sight
She should have waited
She let herself be ignorant to HIS plight
She took her rope
And fastened it to the roof beams tight
She tightened her noose
She shook her foot loose
And one final dance she did for her kite
It fluttered and flew, as it were, for a time
But, the time of the end, she knew
The eggs she layed had finally showed
she was but a cuckoo

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