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Streams of conciousness
that align with Great I Am
the true victory

Mercy is his way
He gives it every single day
Because he is kind

Clouds are a witness
To the glory of God.
They have their feet shod in the preparation of the gospel of peace
Can't you see their pure white fleece

I am what I am.
What does God say I am now?
He says I am his

In thus be amazed, all ye peoples and never forget this ye angels, ye blessed servants of God.
His mercies toward me are never-ending and his greatness untold.
He so loved the world his own Son sold.
Get thee behind me, sinners and saintly lies

The World is nine-tenths blindness
Why should a poem be gibberish?
When the purpose
Is one tenth

I look away cause you a crime scene
I see the devil done murdered another child crying
I see you pulling yourself apart
To be whole

Libel and lie
Libel and lie
Take up a lute instead
Look at my hips

The only reason
trash lies outside the Door
is death lost to life

God sifts, sits, skips, spits, disses, kisses, misses, fixes, nixes, mixes, corrects the hearts and minds of men. Souls, bowls, droves, moles, bros, holds, folds, nodes, and codes are filled, spilled, distilled, killed, broken, and showed by His Mighty and High Hand.
Hallelujah, Jah, the true God, having sent his Son on a smooth ride to glory, for the gospel story.

The Lord gave his nose
To sniff the Holy Ghost breeze
Upon the world, it's leaves
Scented with life, rife, vibrant,

Look at the world
See it's soul?
That's because self control is dead


Old or young?
I am not, I am not I say
I'm just vapor that has passed this way and away
Sit O man and consider the breath of your days with vigor

Depthless practical
Power begets love for me
In the cross of Christ

In the beginning
streams of the Righteous stifles
The bottomless darkness

If the Fathomless
Decides our fate in the first
Who shall show us last?

What is the feature
Most desirous in a wife?
It is her fulness

Rings are promises
In the physical for two.
What then His Spirit?

Marvellous Worker
In his excellence makes his
Debut in your soul

Wretchedness is made
Righteousness by the Lord for
His love and the Son's blood

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Streams of conciousness
that align with Great I Am
the true victory

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