Piscine Kipling

Rookie (05/02/89 / On The Coast, Canada)

A Narration Of The History Of Hemp - Poem by Piscine Kipling

Now hear this call and listen with an open mind this story I'm going to tell
Its the tale of the expanding government and its infringment on our rights
Disallow a particular plant and throwing the natural into a free man's hell
And we the people suffer with this, so don't say prohibition is alright

Since the cavemen walked barely learned and living in dim dark caves
He gathered a herb, the miracle plant that seemed so mystical to them then
Burnt it in piles to keep them warm and give them myths in those old days
And the wise did converse to become filled with a little more common sense

Cradles of civilizations became beds covering the great expanse of the world
With the glory of the Vedas and of Gods and rituals that governed the lands
Central to the great knowledge gained was the mystic altered mind unfurled
Godly secrets told through different perceptions unlocked by the bhang in hand

Through the craving for wealth and knowledge the plant spread to many others
Traded with the east, the west and wherever civility dominated the minds of man
This single plant that let us sail darkened seas and bond with one another
The plant that once grew wild, flowing freely in fields that covered our lands

For years its been the medicine of many sicknesses and a cure for ignorance
Whatever ails you get prescribed by this but don't let the churches know
They'll deride it because they say the only cure comes from God and penance
But great men lived their life with freedom and not to divinely priests they bow

The wild lands of the west drew dreamers, virgin territory ready for the rise of nations
Colonists depended on hemp and the folks already present or else they would wither away
And Jamestown decreed all men must grow to do a part in the country's creation
The world saw here the great escape from wars and religion, setting off to find fate

And through the aging time came the complexities that made this world less pure
The golden age we didn't realize we are in created rifts that cracked a nation
A man by the name of Harry Anslinger, whispering morals into the government's ear
Started his crusade, supported by DuPont, racists and lies that shame creation

Then went hemp and the demonization of nature, the war started and still carries on
Banned by ignorance and enforced by the hand of a big government flexing its might
The spirit of man cannot be contained with useless words and hands on a cold gun
An explosion in the sixties, awoken America to sativa but still hidden it from sight

It got tougher, the brandishing of cultural imperialism by that of the United Nations
An act that criminalized the plant worldwide, except pockets in places like Amsterdam
But that proved useless still, the cultivation has flourished despite heavy regulations
And it goes to show that no matter what the elites tell us, we still don't give a damn

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