A New Day Poem by Dona Jean

A New Day

Twinkle and open two mini eyes,
Another day gone and time flies.
May other not awake for their soul cries,
Draw a silent prayer to God and smile.

To children another day to play,
To laborers another heavy and schedule day,
To doctors another patient to care,
To chef another menu to prepare,
To teacher a new lesson to teach,
To priest another good words to preach,
To policeman who guard-safe everyone,
To scientist another invention to prove he can,
Today many new babies were born,
Bring happiness to such parents forlorn.
To angels another day to guard,
To gamblers-spent money for a card,
To artist another meaningful day to paint,
To hopeless asking courage like a saint,
To a shopper another clothes and shoes to buy,
Don't you know lots of children cannot eat and die?
To a prisoner another day to repent,
To a lovers another sweet moment to spent,
To a blessed one offer his wealth even a cent,
To an accountant another money to sum-up,
To a businessman another day to invest,
To a writer another subject to write,
To an actress another day to entertain,
To a heart broken another day to cry in pain,
To a banker another money to keep,
To an old one's who often sound asleep,
To beggars another day to ask alms,
To those contented are silent and calm,
Everyone have different purpose and obligation,
How can we start a day of action?
Maybe to others don't believe in God,
I don't want to argue and make you mad.
A believer or an aethiest do exist,
But this new day is my gift that I won't miss,
Let's share a day of promises and smile,
To lighten our day and make us agile.

How to start a new and meaningful day?
One thing for sure-my habit is to pray.

Dona Jean

Dona Jean

Silay City, Negros occidental
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