Dona Jean Poems

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Honesty is true.
Honesty will never lie to you;
As it fear God,
Bring smiles, joy and glad.

My Supermom

The best? Your true superhero?
let's go down the street find and search!
Can't discover anywhere yet other ask or pray at church
This loving mother who could hold you through

Power Hug

Thud, thud, bang, bang the heart millions beat,
My heart miss my love I got cold feet
Looked up-down to sideways I can't see
Face of my love-smile you looked at me

The Sea

Oh! The sea? On the West lies a sea.
So warm and peaceful can't you see?
The sea vast, wide and deep;
Around thew world the travel of a ship.

A New Day

Twinkle and open two mini eyes,
Another day gone and time flies.
May other not awake for their soul cries,
Draw a silent prayer to God and smile.


Along the meadows there you are,
Fly so freely and beautiful from afar.
Fly with the wind then dance with the grass,
My dear butterfly so calm never rush.

Sacredness Of Marriage

From scratch the passion grows in haste,
Living-life not knowing day and time do chase.
Turn at cross roads were steps winding maze;
Lovers meet-excited face they sparkling gaze.


A dwelling place no where to escape,
No love arise but corruption and hate.
The shadow of injustice, hunger and crime;
Then unemployment every individual mime.

Being The Best

Being the best that I can be,
I choose rightly what is right for me;
In every way I made
I do my best, take the risk and stake.

Farewell Past Legolas

It seemed time come unto me,
When blossoms grow at mount Sinai.
Wave light it hurt death bed She lie
Farewell past Legolas

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