A New Telling Of An Old Story Poem by Victoria Dame

A New Telling Of An Old Story

The is the story of Adam and Eve,
And of the Serpent who did deceive.
So that he could become one with the land,
From the dirt God made man.
Adam was his given name,
God gave him Eden to tame.
To keep Adam from being alone,
From his side he took a rib bone.
God then created a new life,
He made Eve, Adam's wife.
He gave them the garden in which to roam,
Telling them to take care of their new home.
Help yourself to all that you see,
Except, for this one little tree.
It is the tree of good and evil,
And if you disobey it will be your upheaval.
God said eating the fruit will make you die,
So leave it alone and on me rely.
Then one day as Eve was gathering food,
She met a snake who changed her mood.
He told her eating fruit from the tree,
Would not harm her but would set her free.
That she and Adam would like God become,
Knowing all that God knows and then some.
Eve did believe the Serpent's lies,
She wanted to be powerful and wise.
Grabbing some of the fruit to Adam she ran,
Here eat this it will make you more than a man.
As soon as they had eaten it the knowledge was strong,
What the serpent had said was totally wrong.
Waiting for God they sat in fear,
Knowing his punishment would be severe.
God asked them what they had done,
Now from the Garden I'll make you run.
God cursed the two as he set them out of the garden gate.
It had to be done because of the fruit in which they ate.
Adam, you'll have to make a living from the dirt,
And Eve having children will truly hurt.
Nothing will come easy, but you will get by,
And then one day as promised you will die.
Sin was something that God could not stand,
But he still loved the man.
So he prepared a home for when they had died,
With him they would still reside.

Victoria Dame

Victoria Dame

Lake Village Arkansas
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