Victoria Dame Poems

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A Rose

A Rose of hope is growing in my Heart
And I know that its thorns may make it Bleed
But I gladly take the Risk and trust in Fate
Not listening to my Head when it tells me


Grandchildren are jewels that sparkle brightly
in the sunlight of your later years. They are
sunshine and laughter that play across your soul.
Bringing youth to a body that has grown old.

Gabriels Message

the angel
was sent
From God. To give a message


How can I miss you, when I'd never met you.
How can I love you like I do.
Were your eyes brown, green or blue

Loving You

Twenty-eight years I want twenty-nine
How could you tell me everything was fine
Why would you even think of dying
Would you really leave without trying

My Best Friend

M y best friend
Y ellow is his color, but he's not a coward

B right eyes of love, shine for me

A Mother's Smile (Zanila Rhyme)

A mother's smile quivers, in her arms;
little bundle of great joy.
She wipes no tears, shows none of her fears
as she holds to her heart her sweet boy.

With Faith You Can See

Have faith that my Jesus walked this earth.
And that he was conceived and had a miraculous birth.

And by faith as we were not there to see,

I'M Free (A Short Poem Called A Lai)

An angelic face
A delicate grace
Had she

My Love

We met when I was so young in heart
Long waves of blond hair and eyes of blue
Yet seldom were we ever apart
What it meant we didn't have a clue

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