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A Prayer In Thessaly

Rating: 3.1

A lover prayed to Eros in this wise:-

Since my love loves not me, Eros! I pray
That thou wilt take this torturing love away.
But since she is so fair, still let mine eyes
Unloving, joy in her, her beauty prize;
Still let her clear voice ring as pure and gay
To my calm heart as mating birds in May.
The words went up the blue Thessalian skies.

But ere they reached the high god's golden seat,
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Eros Faust 12 December 2020

Hay, the old goat, had a mistress and a wife. Lizzie, the mistress, is the “beauty prize.”

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 27 September 2014

A beautiful love poem and great writing.

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Liliana ~el 27 September 2013

Roman god Jove :) Lovely!

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Stephen Loomes 27 September 2013

Hit me one more time, says he, a dupe to sexuality.

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