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Dig deep
Who are you
What do you want
How do you want be seen and remembered


Another day
I may hug him
I may smile and say hi
I may love him

Ya can't believe all which appears before you, before us
Take time and zen
Embrace inner strengths
Fight it..

A while back I said I had no friends
Looking on today it's everyone

Back then saying hi was a struggle, a great feat

If I'm supposed to be flying
Why do I feel I'm sinking

Through the glass
A beautiful scene
Blue autumn serenity
Fresh and brisk

All together through this rough
Now you leave me behind

Thought we'd stay together after

I want to thank you
For all your time
All your feedback and consideration
For being such great a friend

The best of days are still at fault
The worst ones still do shimmer

The best of people do have flaws

There I stood
All the faces the same
All tall gorgeous hunks
Who bore no name

Feeling deeply
Not knowing where to turn

All the time
Sitting here

Too many sizes
Too many types
Can't decide on what is right

At a time I was sure
So sure of my passions, desires, feelings
Sure to imagine gracious, beautiful moments with you alongside

Avoided this for such a long time
Writing down my feelings line by line

Avoiding thoughts and thinking for some time

Happiness is having great friends just like you
There to light you up with smiles and hugs
Greetings of joy
There to comfort you and take you in when it seems there's no one else

When I say I love you
I mean it with all my heart
Like a cookie loves milk
Like a pup loves to play

Want a relationship which lasts
A true and strong bond

Why do I do this to myself?
Gone way past waiting until the last minute
Gone way past days past due

Moments of decision
are never really fleeting
They linger and stretch out
over hours, days, and months

The Best Poem Of Liliana EL.


Dig deep
Who are you
What do you want
How do you want be seen and remembered

Dig deep
What makes you happy, frustrated, angry, peaceful, free

Yeah the world tells you who to be
Blurs your vision
Smears away your identity

So take hold
Embrace this moment for yourself
Define your own identity

Reflect on how to achieve what makes you happy

Done scrambling around
Trying to please all others' wants
Put your wisdom first and the rest is sure to come

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Vlad Mutuleanu 23 November 2013

Liliana combines daily situations and more classic themes, with ease, in her poems. She has a special way of writing that attracts the reader, using simple words which make the readers relate to a poem. She often leaves everyone to interpret the poems as they wish. Her specialty is drawing an every day picture of life, accomplishing this with a joyful way of writing which transports the happiness to the readers. Liliana is a great poet, and she will continue to grow as more and more people will enjoy her poems. Keep it up!

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Liliana EL. Popularity

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