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Dig deep
Who are you
What do you want
How do you want be seen and remembered


Another day
I may hug him
I may smile and say hi
I may love him

Can You Take It In

Ya can't believe all which appears before you, before us
Take time and zen
Embrace inner strengths
Fight it..

Then And Now

A while back I said I had no friends
Looking on today it's everyone

Back then saying hi was a struggle, a great feat

Not Understanding

If I'm supposed to be flying
Why do I feel I'm sinking

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Vlad Mutuleanu 23 November 2013

Liliana combines daily situations and more classic themes, with ease, in her poems. She has a special way of writing that attracts the reader, using simple words which make the readers relate to a poem. She often leaves everyone to interpret the poems as they wish. Her specialty is drawing an every day picture of life, accomplishing this with a joyful way of writing which transports the happiness to the readers. Liliana is a great poet, and she will continue to grow as more and more people will enjoy her poems. Keep it up!

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