A Royal Story Poem by Keith Ricardo Williams

A Royal Story

hear ye! hear ye! come one, come all
hear the royal lyricist at the royal ball
if he doesn’t recite right
his head shall fall
hear ye! hear ye! come one, come all
he must rap or recite poetry
to please the royal family
last year this one horribly he sang
here his body still hangs
come one, come all to the royal ball
there in the grasp of fear i stood
knowing what would happen if i’m no good
the sound of trumpets so loud
it drowns such a huge crowd
the screams of profanity
total, and utter insanity
as out pops the royal family
people shouting off with his head
joking, laughing saying i’ll soon be dead
i’m so afraid
i don’t want to be slayed
so on my knees i prayed
suddenly the king said rise
tears fell rapidly from my eyes
he yelled stand, and be counted as a man
we have no cowards in this land
please me, and you will surely receive my daughters hand
now the king was gross, and fat
the queen was ugly as hell
but the princess as beautiful as fairytales
she smiled and said rhyme for your life lyricist
the poem went like this
to be or not to be
as i admire sheer beauty
listen not a sound in the air
nor breeze, or bird of flight
can compare to such a magnificent sight
your radiance your majesty supreme
shh don’t awaken me from this dream
this kingdom i shall convince
for tonight i shall be a prince
please i cannot lose focus
this is pure magic hocus pocus
a puff of smoke i disappeared
when it cleared
the princess and I were amazingly kissing
the king said it seems the lyricist has received
what the princess was wishing
the crowd roared a thunderous roar
never had anyone accomplished this feat before
after a huge royal marriage
off we went in a beautiful royal carriage
year after year went by
everybody stills say they could never guess
there could be love between a poet, and a princess
and they lived happily forever after

Dawn Novus 04 September 2017

Sweet supplications in sweet sonnet tones proved serendipitous. Style.

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