A Sad Memory Poem by Tasadduq Hussain

A Sad Memory

That morning I woke up with strange feelings, lonesome and sad,
Away from home, a student, living in a dorm, seemed so long,
Received a telegraph; father seriously ill come home.
I started 3-hour journey by train hoping
to reach home in time
Praying for the best, concerned for the worst, eyes filled with
Reached home full of fright, late at night.

Saw my mom, younger sisters, brother and close relatives gathered that night
Father sick in bed, looked very weak and sad
Too weak to speak, looked at me, with tears in eyes
Overwhelmed seeing me after too long
Family in the room, bit relieved that I made in time,
There is agony, sadness and fear of unknown all over at home.

His long illness with diabetes & failed kidneys, had destroyed the happiness of home
Dark clouds of agony and fear of the unknown, have brought this sad night
Will it ever clear and bring back the old times?
Just imagining the dad gone makes me real sad
Dad is looking at me and then looking at my mom and younger
siblings for long
Speechless, trying to speak to the family with sad and tearful
Take care of your mother and siblings he is advising me, with
worried eyes
I started crying to see this tragic sight, this dark moment of
our life at home
I will do my best Dad, I will; you took great care of us so long
Please don’t worry, we all love you, look at this gathering
We all pray for God’s blessing on you, we are all sad
You loved and took care of us for such a long, long time.

Moments later he closes his eyes, breaths his last and dies,
The room gets filled with sobbing cries and tearful eyes
As he departed for here after, I wondered how love of family makes dying so painful and sad
Worries for the loved ones are much harder on soul than the
death and departing from home
No one knows what lies ahead and what happens after tonight.
The race of life is over, he ran it so hard, for so long!

I still miss him and admire his struggle in life, after so long
The love of parents never dies
Their unselfish love and care for their children, come to memory
every night
When your own children are grown up and gone, you will remember
it again with tearful eyes.
We all miss him, he is no more around but his soul is with us
among us in this home
We learn from his life, his unselfish love and care for so long

Plan for tomorrow, for next moment, for next minute to night
This is life so unsure, so be ready to say it goodby any moment
so long
Is this life real or a dream, feeling sometimes happy
but often worried and sad.

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