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Struggling between life and death
So many are brought to your desk

What a love for humanity


As I wander through past in life,
And ponder upon those days and nights,
There are moments of great delight
And there are times which make me cry.

Never start to think, you are doing the best you can
There is always a way to do better, with no limits to what you can.
If one door closes, another will open, so keep the hopes around
Don't let the closed door close your mind and miss the opportunities abound.

Skies are overcast, windy and cold
Snowflakes falling like birds in troves.
I look through the window of solitude in soul
Sitting in my hotel abode.

Freedom is knowing the limits of freedom, … where yours end and others start.
Freedom is breaking away from the shackles of envy, hate, prejudice and greed, while expressing your love and respect for all human being.
Freedom is sincerely listening the opposing viewpoints and deciding on what is best for your country and majority of your fellow citizens.
Freedom is saying what is proper to say and suppressing the urge to say what you should not say.

Aiy khudaa eid kaiy is din kow Mubarak kar daiy
Har dil-e-shaad maiN ahsaas-e-akhuwat bhar daiy
Har dukhee dil kow khila daiy aiy Khuda mananday gul

شکوہ و فریاد

تو قادر مطلق ھے ترے ارض و سما مین
مسلم کے مقدر کا ستارہ نھین ملتا

Life is a dream, a puppeteer's play
Dance with the strings, don't dare to sway

Hands of the master never stop to say

Disaster & devastation
In Haiti

Thousands trapped under the rubble

Follow your heart with the eyes of mind
Lest it wander off, so gullible and blind

Look beyond the obvious to seek the truth behind

The origin of life is a mystery and end is equally strange
The journey starts from nowhere and takes us to unknown.
Sometimes it feels like being in a hot desert
Where everyone is thirsty and desperate for a drink.

Qudrat kay hus-ne- fun ko nikhara jahaN maiN khoob
Aadam kay shauq-e-deed auuR Havvaa kay khyaal naiN

وطن کی یاد

اے وطن پھر تیری یاد اءیِٰ ھے
کس قدر شور ھے ہنگامہ ھے رسوا ءی ھے

Ruk jaiy teri yaad ka jow behr-e-tasalsul
Sha-id meri namnaak nigaooN maiN kamee Ho

Laikin main delaiy zaar ko sumjhaooN tow kaisaiy

That morning I woke up with strange feelings, lonesome and sad,
Away from home, a student, living in a dorm, seemed so long,
Received a telegraph; father seriously ill come home.
I started 3-hour journey by train hoping

When the pain and suffering of life
Leaves no feelings of delight
The anguish and desperation seem to drive.
Look around and visit the places

Life starts in dark and ends in dark
The brief encounter with blinding lights,
Only confuse the reality of life.

Man is man’s worst enemy when armed with greed and guns
Exploits and oppress the poor and helpless, to maximize his fun
Thousands burn or get buried alive in work place they go to earn
A measly wage of buck or two for a long day’s run

The smile of blooming flowers,
The cool comforting rays of moonlight,

May you never cease to wonder
And never stop to dream.

Aspire to reach the stars

The Best Poem Of Tasadduq Hussain

An Angel....A Nurse.

Struggling between life and death
So many are brought to your desk

What a love for humanity
What a care for all
Their sufferings and sorrow becomes your call

You are always there to comfort cure and clean
The desperate lot of fellow beings
Regardless of color, creed or faith
You treat them all as a human race

You are, a beautiful creation of God
Filled with compassion and care for all

By T.H.Ejaz
She was truly an angel for me, as I recall my hospital stay.

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