A Sad Rant Poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

A Sad Rant

sad rant

This day, when you know this day will be like the prior day
When you wake up and the dream you dreamt was dull
as the day ahead and your breakfast is an apple and coffee
drunk from the same mug your wife gave you last Christmas.
When you wake up and find the truth is relative belongs to
the receiver and the only show in town are propaganda
relentlessly called from every news outlet till your head spin
When you know, everything you write has been written before
better than your pitiful efforts that are fuzzes of great people
musings through the ages.
Yet here you are in a world where you are out of toothpaste
the water in the shower is lukewarm, and where is the towel
I have soap in my eyes, am I, like the man, who fought windmills
doomed to think I can make a difference?

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