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A Cigarette

Dawn, yes and the mist, what else do you

….And Sweet was My Love

I had met her in the town where I went to school,
about an hour train ride from my town. She was

A Cairo Rose

Lily white was his shirt
A red rose sprung from his chest,

…And It Was Her Summer

“Go back to the children’s home, she said I have no work and

There had been much rain in the upland and the river ran
full and strong, so forceful that a pillar, on the old bridge,
broke off and half of it fell down.
Misty night when a bus crossed the bridge, plunged down

Celebrated Accident

Beautiful rainbow over the valley
I saw a man climb up its bow only

A Beautiful Song. (Ink Spots)

“I don’t want to set the world on fire” what a lovely song.
But I’m disturbed by sparrows, sit in my orange tree and

4 Haiku for the spirit

To fly far away
Let clouds absorb unhappiness

A Christmas Remembered

Day before Christmas it was cold and we walked down
to the harbour to buy a tree and I remember the sea

I remember tiny things picking up a burnt match
from a floor wondering who threw it there.
A May day in St. Malo, I saw an old man crying
streaks of tears down rumpled chin.

September drizzle
Sombre green olive trees weep
Dripping foliage

Child chews on duvet
Ciggy smoke from living room


As quiet rain fell.
In a pond ringed by quartz,

“25th of December

It’s been raining for days, fine drizzle not caused by tempest but
by a mild depression, liquid silk that gives soil time to soak it up


I will think
Of nothing

Wet dog
Looks into a rain pool

A Cairo Street

The crack of a rifle shot a man fell to ground,
instantly dead, whatever he was thinking of was

Meat is Meat (a christmas tale)

Santa came running up the road his coat was open
exposing a hairy belly, arms full of parcels, asked



My shirt is torn I’m bloodied by thorns of anger. The bushes by the narrow track
are almost covering It, I tried to fight my way trough, the maze but lost. I have to



The man, in the prize received picture, falling down from
the twin tower was flying…he knew he was descending

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A Cigarette

A Cigarette

Dawn, yes and the mist, what else do you
expect on lake Martin early and summer?
Swamp cypress dripping with Spanish moss.
I have stopped rowing, water swirling around
Oar blades, the silence is absolute I dare not
Inhale, a bird shrieks, the lake shudders
An evil thought has entered Paradise, I hear
The faint noise of outboard motors,
The moment of ethereal stillness has gone,
I lit a cigarette inhale deeply, exhale and blow
Rings a pure delight into morning air.

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Ann Beard 16 April 2009

I loved the simplicity of this poem, almost dreamlike, very sweet. Kind regards Ann. I have had a problem submitting this comment, your page kept blanking out, so if it shows up more than once my apologies.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 June 2020

Adorable Voice Oskar Hansen, you have got this Title of Honour by Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir, Oskar sympathetic Great Poet. Just learned to know you through your poems, you are most adorable now! A loving husband and very caring, though spoken in short words, but in the end we can read his caring love attitude for his beloved wife. Most Respect from my side. God's Blessings in Abundance for thee and thy wife.

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Dimitrios Galanis 14 January 2016

I do like your poems, my dear.It would be interesting to me to read poems of yours in portugues.Lately I finished reading Οdisseia, traduçao de Frederico Lourenco.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Oskar Hansen as, Adorable Voice. From today on wards he will be known as Adorable Voice Oskar Hansen. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. We congratulate poet for having this honorary title and we are wishing him all the best for his future perseverance. His contribution to literature is valuable.

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Bob Jones 23 February 2018

You look like the guy from breaking bad. Look it up.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 December 2021

You like very much to submit wthout getting responses. I wished it the other way. Thank you for sharing

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 December 2021

The SAME COMMENT as the previous one. Thank you for sharing, Sir!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 September 2021

Such a greatest pity, we cannot give your magnificent poem a comment, how very sad for us! But CLEAR SIGHT is a clearest sigh indeed

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Sylvia Frances Chan 28 August 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as The Member Poe Of The Day!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 28 August 2021

So very pity, there is no space to leave my comments for this Member Poem Of The Day The Transferable Tourist On Thursday 26 August 2021

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A dirge He was not for me He was not for you. Stillness. We miss his absence.

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